fall is upon us


October 27, 2015 by thegreatwideopenblog


The best month (and season) of the year has finally made its way back around!

Davis is growing like a weed and makes me laugh more than any adult ever has. Sometimes he gets a treat after eating all of his dinner (especially when he tries something new). We’ve told him treats are only for after dinner, because he loves sweets so much that he asks for them all day long. Now what he does is every time he’s eating (any time of day) and he finishes something, he looks up at us with his adorable stink eye and says “Is this my dinner?” I finally caught a good picture of the stink eye:

stink eye

Last week I was walking down his school hall to pick him up and I could hear him talking super loud saying “Okay you sit VERY still. Okay that’s good!” When I walked through the doorway, he had his teacher sitting indian style on the floor and he was standing behind her twirling her hair.

My most favorite thing he’s saying right now is “stank” for think. He gets pretty stressed out about making decisions, even simple ones (sorry bud, you get that from me). He will wrinkle his forehead and say “I don’t know! It’s so hard. What do you stank, mommy?” I stank you’re the cutiest little buddy in the whole wide world, that’s what I stank.

swim head first day sleep silly handsomedaddys shoeshaircutsand

If Davis is growing like a weed, Blair Bear is growing more like a pumpkin. I’ve come to the sad realization that she is probably the absolute fattest she will ever be. She’s officially mobile. Crawling all over the place. There is nothing more depressing than a baby gaining mobility and losing their rolls.

She’s grown herself two cutie bottom teeth and has made some adorable teething faces along the way:

teething 1 teething 2

She is finally having some separation anxiety. She will play happily by herself with toys unless you make eye contact with her. If you do that, you can pretty much expect high pitched whines and pouts to ensue.

Her latest accomplishments include sitting on her bottom and flapping her arms like a bird while kicking both legs and managing to stay balanced. And clapping. The cutest clapping. And my very favorite is the waving for hi and bye.

Here is a video of her high pitched baby jibber jabber that I never ever want to forget.

She’s fascinated with ceiling fans. She hates food but wants to eat paper. Sometimes when I try to hold her tight and rock her to sleep, she starts fake coughing. sleepingbubbatoons chair
toons 2happiest7 monthsfair baby8 months

As my 30th birthday reared its ugly head, I felt a deep desire to be somewhere far away from home with my babies. We had several plans that fell through that eventually led us to the beach. The car ride was pretty much terrible but worth the memories that we made at the Galvestonian in Galveston, Texas. Blair made sure I saw the sunrise over the ocean every morning. It was a perfect weekend with my favorite humans.

galvestonian view d running sunrise 2 sunrise kangaroo cousinsbeach snugsvballfam


2 thoughts on “fall is upon us

  1. shira says:

    I always look forward to reading your blog! Your family is so precious and you are a natural and gifted writer!

  2. Jon Michael Davis says:

    Our lil pumpkins grow up to be lil people so fast. Love this sister and love you all so much! Good comedy….kids are so much fun!

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