birthday girl & almost birthday boy


March 23, 2016 by thegreatwideopenblog


My precious angel baby doll princess precious face has been a very bad girl. SHE TURNED 1. Can you believe the nerve?!?!? Ugh. Her baby days are trying to leave me behind in a trail of tears. Happy Birthday to my most favorite surprise.

She’s the happiest girl. When she’s about to eat, she rocks side to side in her highchair in the cutest anticipation. She slobbers in her sleep. Her favorite word is dada. She growls with a huge smile on her face if you catch her doing something she’s not supposed to. I’m pretty sure she’s overheard me telling people that I’m ready to finish weaning her, so she’s trying to make sure that never happens.


pony tailtea partytarget babessleepingmim

My Buddy has been up to his usual shenanigans. He’s terrified of shadows and witches and talks about them almost every day. When he’s exasperated, he puts his hands on his lower back and stands just like a pregnant woman. When he drinks a packaged drink, he has to have the front of the drink faced perfectly towards him before he can drink it. Everything is a race right now and he had better be the winner or else everyone is in for a world of suffering. When Blair starts crying in the car, he immediately either starts imitating her cry or sings her songs. Sometimes they are real songs and sometimes he makes them up as he goes, which is my favorite. He uses the phrase “in case” every day and in all of the wrong contexts. He says “skittles” instead of “skills” and he will suddenly start coughing/gagging any time he’s throwing a fit. He is always asking Blair “Are you instang?” (insane) and yesterday he told me that the Easter Bunny isn’t real and that Jesus is the real Easter Bunny.

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2 thoughts on “birthday girl & almost birthday boy

  1. Karen says:

    Rachel dearest u write splendidly. I laugh Aloud looking at pics and your words. Thanks For sharing. Love you. Mithir

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Mimi says:

    Love love this newest article! And all the cute pics! Especially the laughing bath one!!!

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