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January 8, 2016 by thegreatwideopenblog

pumpkin heads

Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year from the cutest little gingers around!

Davis has been a busy little boy this holiday season. Two nights before Halloween, we were in his bathroom and he was about to have a bath with sister. After going potty, he thought it would be a good idea to scoot-jump off of the toilet. He landed in such a graceful manner that he kicked his wooden stool out from under him just in time for his head to catch the corner of it. He went from normal to this in 2 seconds:

goose egg

Daddy was out of town, of course. Both Blair and Davis were naked (about to have a bath). Our new pediatrican had just given me his cell phone number about 3 days before that when I assured him I would not ever abuse his number. So, you know, I called him. He talked us through everything and we didn’t end up having to take him to the ER.

24 hours later, we went to Prime Time with our friends. We were hanging out at the front about to order food when Davis starts screaming and crying. He was chasing a buddy and ended up on the ground. He kept saying he hit his foot on something. So, being the good mom that I am, I told him to walk it off. He was clearly not able to walk on it without limping so I figured it was sprained. Probably inherited his mother’s ankles. We went through the weekend taking it easy…poor little ninja turtle had to be carried or pushed in the stroller for trick or treating. I decided to take him to see Dr. Brad Monday to check on his foot and make sure we didn’t need to do anything other than a wrap. That’s when we found out it was broken. BROKEN.

cast baby

He was so brave and so cute in his little cast and then a boot after that. It was really uncomfortable and he rarely complained about it. A couple of days later, he got a horrible virus that lasted 4 days.

sick bud

sick bud2

That’s all of the Davis disasters I can think of at the moment. So let’s catch up on holidays. Halloween. Cutest yet:


cousin costume minnie

Thanksgiving. Cutest yet (literally the only picture I took):

b tg

Christmas. Definitely the cutest yet. It was so much fun. Davis hugged our Christmas tree almost every day. Blair only cared about trying to eat wrapping paper.

santa baby cousins christmas lights memaw piggychristmas cookies bald pop porch

New Year’s was the cutest yet as well but you will have to take my word for it. I didn’t get a single picture. The adults played a trivia game most of the night while Davis and Scarlett ran around in their underwear. Blair tried really hard to stay up for our midnight champagne toast, but she was snoring by 7:05 p.m.

In non-injury news, Davis is developing such a personality. He’s so funny and so happy.

cast2 bath buds christmas bud ninja

sweetie smile snow budhunny

He randomly told me the other day that he’s a good juggler. I have no idea where he’s even heard of juggling but I asked him to show me. Hopefully he doesn’t quit his day job.

Blair Bear is getting more personality by the day too. I don’t want to talk about how she’s going to be a year old in A MONTH. Instead, I will talk about all of the cute things she’s doing. Her latest fit phase is seriously hilarious. She flattens herself on her belly on the ground and bites the floor in protest of whatever is happening that she doesn’t like. She loves music and will dance or sing when she hears it. She prefers to crawl around with a sock in one hand. She took her first step last night to me by herself. Then she bit me. She also thinks that the word “no” is a funny game.

momma sleepiest baby princess spider baby uncle judah happy girlAnd this is my favorite. We are exploring lots of new flavors and textures in the evenings. (Some of her favorites include lemons(???), bananas and chicken salad.) She takes a bite of anything I give her and then crosses her chubby little hands like this and looks at me while we both wait for her reaction. Every single time.

taste tester





2 thoughts on “holidays, et al

  1. Mimi says:

    Love those kids & love this blog! You have a cool style of writing, Rachel, that makes one feel as though one is in the room with you having a little catch up chat. Love, love & miss

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