summer lovies


September 18, 2016 by thegreatwideopenblog

Didn’t summer just start a minute ago? The little lovies have had such a fun summer together. Don’t get me wrong…they also definitely tried to pester each other to the brink of insanity on the DAILY, but little Blair Baby is definitely at an age where she can play along with her bubba now and they are both pretty stoked about it.

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Davis is somehow old enough to have started Pre-K and I’m pretty much just living in a constant state of denial about it. His maturity is starting to peak out of his personality, and, while I’m relieved to greet it, I’m also sad to leave my temper tantrum baby behind. Is that irrational or what? His sensitivity has remained, which can be both frustrating and endearing at the same time. He still loves to twirl hair, especially sister’s little sprout of a pony tail. He’s so much like his Daddy. He loves everything outdoors and doesn’t want his bath water too warm. Oh, and he has an unfortunate fixation with all things stinky.

statuesbrielleartbike helmetmomma and budfroyogekkofirst day of prekzoogardener

Blair is deliberately disobeying me (said in my best Mufasa voice) and trying to become a real toddler. She is obssessed with music/dancing/music videos, especially when it comes to Taylor Swift. I’m slightly worried that she may end up on one of those MTV True Life episodes because she wants to eat things like chalk, soap, and baby wipes every chance she gets. She is constantly on my heels, if not in my arms, and I ask her every morning if she’s my best friend, to which she emphatically nods her head “yes” in response. When she’s avoiding falling asleep at night, she will roll her eyes back in an effort to keep them peeled or sometimes will just shout a bunch of words as loud and fast as she can like “YES NO! OUCH! GLASSES? DAVIS? WATER! NOSE?” She’s taking that family tradition of sleep fighting very seriously. What usually does her in, though, is a good singing/humming to but only certain songs (again, mostly T Swift). It’s a pretty hilarious thing to hear her Daddy singing pop songs to her on demand.

cool-pop-marmibathwardrobe-malfunctionsleepingbig-girlcleaning-with-mommanaesassAnd lastly, we married off Aunt Nonna (Lavanda). It was a beautiful time and the most sweet and honest ceremony I’ve ever been to. We love you Uncle Tyler and Aunt Nonna!



One thought on “summer lovies

  1. Karen says:

    Sweet little ones!

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