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June 19, 2016 by thegreatwideopenblog

Happy Baby Daddy Day from these rascals!


Let’s catch up. The kids had about 1 million Easter celebrations, all equally adorable.

rainbow eastereaster glasses.jpg.exportingeaster tea partyeaster mimclyde easter 1clyde easter 2

Davis turned 4 years old. He specifically requested a pajama party, which is something a mother should never turn down.

pajama famninja turtle cupcakesbirthday buddiescool poppresents

Davis tells me pretty regularly that his tummy hurts because its hungry for chocolate. He also says that things are “so bezhausting [exhausting]”. He loves building and engineering things. He’s constantly looking for ways that he can earn his own money to put in his “wo-let [wallet]” to use later at the “money store [Dollar Tree]”. He’s recently been requesting that we take his picture with mannequins. When Blair cries in the car, he sings “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in the most “bezhausted” tone. She usually stops because she thinks its funny. If she laughs he says “Mommy, I’m making Blair funny!”

teddysoccersilly smilefeeding sisterfeeding sister 2claraman1man2man 3boat driversworddressed up teddydentist

Blair Bear, or “Blair Blair” as Davis calls her, has been busy being the sassiest girlfriend around. Her hobbies include shoes and biting. She loves giving hugs and open mouth kisses (which sometimes turn into bites). She’s a complete HAM in public. She spends her days climbing everything and loves to rub her Daddy’s beard. Her favorite words are:

Dayduh (Davis)
Wayer (water)
Hiiiiiiii and Bye-Bye
Shiz (shoes)

happyclimb 1mothers daydoll babyclimb2climb3super babystrollerspoppa tomdaddys beardskikisses



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