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June 26, 2015 by thegreatwideopenblog


We can now say that we have officially made our first 2 kid road trip. It went surprisingly well. Blair is a much better traveler than her older brother was at this age! And Davis is at an age where movies keep him entertained in the car for longer periods of time. It’s still a huge hassle and I don’t want to do it again anytime soon but we had a great time.

Cool Pop and Marmi took us to an awesome children’s museum in Galveston in Moody Mansion. Davis could have played there for the entire day. There was a pretend restaurant with pretend food and tables, a ship with fishing poles and fish to catch, a pretend doctor’s office, an art room, a pretend tool shop, a play theatre with dress up things, legos an puzzles galore to name a few.

cooking fishing painting doctor lego jewels shadows

We also went to the beach. Blair enjoyed the beach from the shaded, air-conditioned car. Davis peed on the beach.

beach bud beach bearWe also went to Davis and Blair’s first MLB game! Davis was most excited to see the umpires and Blair tried reaaaaally hard to take a nap.

dad and bud mom and b marmi b and cool p boys famWe also went to the Houston Zoo for the first time since I’ve been a part of this family. I would like to go again when we have more time and less heat.

map hippo davis tongue fish tunnel mimi fish IMG_3710

We made 3 walk-in clinic trips throughout the week. I had strep, Davis had strep and Blair had ear infections. B was screaming and crying, just inconsolable for the first time in her entire life while Daniel was across town at a walk-in clinic with Davis. He had the car seats. We didn’t know how long they would be and I was terrified so Mimi drove us safely to an ER clinic down the road without a car seat. She cried and cried and cried a little heart breaking cry in the car, in the clinic lobby, and in the waiting room. Then the nurse walked in and this happened:


After a few minutes of this, the nurse looked at us and said “So…you said she’s been crying?” Like we were CRAZY. He wasn’t out of the room 10 seconds before she started crying again.

We had to explain commercials to Davis while we were there because he’s used to watching commercial-less Netflix at home! When a show would go away and the commercials would come on, he would furrow his eyebrows and say “Hey, there’s a weird movie on.” His favorite toy for the week was a plunger he found at Mimi’s (don’t worry, it was brand new and hadn’t been used yet) and Blair’s was a measuring tape.

We were all spoiled with fun, food, good times and love.

marmi and cp cool pop marmi beach cool pop2 b

holding hands mimi pool davis pool

Davis is really into talking about poop these days. If you ask him a question that he doesn’t feel like answering, he will answer “poop” every time. He makes us play Jake and the Neverland Pirates with him sometimes. He is Jake, of course. Daniel is Cubby and I’m the only girl, Izzy. We all say our little blurbs like they do on the show…He says “I’ve got my sword!” Daniel says “I’ve got my map!” and I’m supposed to say “I’ve got my pixie dust!” but he makes me say “I’ve got my poopy stinky pixie dust!” Daniel tried teaching him the trick where you tell someone “Hey what’s on your shirt?” and when they look down, you drag your finger up and say “Whoop! Gotcha!” So Davis tried it on me. He said “Hey mommy, what’s on your shirt? It’s poop! Whoop!” before I even had the chance to look down.

He really loves routine. In the morning at school, I have to give him a hug, a kiss, a high five and a “pist” pump (fist pump) and in that order. In the afternoons, we go to the water fountain before we get Blair and he walks up the little kiddie stairs and bends over like he’s going to get a drink but then turns his head really fast towards me and says “I want LOTS of drinks, mommy!” Then he takes a drink. Then he turns his head really fast towards me again and says “I want more drinks, mommy!” Then he turns around on the top step and grabs my hand so he can make a huge leap off of the stairs. Every single day.

His favorite band is Kavinsky. He has the funniest little accent and says things like “worm” for warm and “Deyyyaddy” for Daddy. He’s the sweetest, cuddliest, most precious 3 year old on planet Earth.

D beach lake bud water bud hair twirl baseball bud cadence lily cake face cracker b lily2 mommy dateBlair Bear has been busy being the cutest, sweetest, most angelic baby in the world. She wakes up and goes to sleep smiling. She loves to chat but mostly to her brother. She’s got more rolls than any bakery and her favorite toy is an empty water bottle.

sleeping beauty scary mommy swimmer collins matchy 4 months b and mommy tummy time diaper aunt misty pop




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