april showers bring may cuties


May 17, 2015 by thegreatwideopenblog


Happy Spring from these pirate cuties!

Davis loves hugging B, telling her stories, rubbing her head, holding her hand, sharing toys, and playing with her. When we go to pick her up at school he runs into the nursery and looks at the teachers and says “Hey, where’s my baby??” BMW also loves her big brother. She can hear his voice from across the room and will break out in a huge smile.

hugs1 holding bath hugs2 floor time batman walk hands

We all went to the most beautiful wedding reception at Perini’s with some friends on the Saturday before Mother’s Day and had one of the most fun nights we’ve had as a family of 4. As you can see, the kids looked SO FREAKING CUTE. Davis got to play with his friends…running around, building sand castles, asking the bartender for cocktail umbrellas, and getting down on the dance floor. Blair nursed and took naps beneath the Texas sky. She even got to hang out with the DJ and his wife while mommy and daddy danced the night away.

dudes girls helper daddy and b daddy and kids tress and b bud

My first Mother’s Day with 2 babes was pretty great. In my view was the most beautiful 3 year old boy. Dressed in Superman pajamas. His shorts were a little crooked because he insisted on putting them on himself. He had a sword in one hand and a look of mischief in his big blue eyes. Blair was in the bouncer at my feet smiling up and cooing at me with a round, full belly and chubby legs happily kicking one after another. May I never forget these precious days!

mothers dayMy bud has been a busy little man. He had his first spring program at school! I was convinced that he was going to run off of stage and die of embarrassment but I was so, so wrong. Instead, he found us in the crowd, and waved and yelled “Hi Mommy!” He sang maybe a few words but was mostly busy wrapping his arms up in his shirt and showing the entire auditorium his adorable belly. If he wasn’t doing that, he was picking his nose.

He’s at a not so fun stage in life where he doesn’t want to leave ANYWHERE that he is having fun. Places like Chuck E Cheese and Primetime would be at the top of the list. He tries to come up with 1,000 reasons that it is not quite time to go yet or just straight up tries to run away from us. It usually ends with huge tears.

He’s still so obssessed with buying pajamas online that he thinks every piece of mail we get might have pajamas in it. Like tiny sized envelopes. He stares with huge eyes as I open each piece, genuinely expecting to find pajamas, and is always majorly disappointed when I pull out a small piece of paper instead.

Some cute things he’s saying right now are:

“foo foo fries” = french fries
“Captain fer Merica” = Captain America
“You didn’t know!!” –> anytime he thinks he has proven you wrong
“I’m cold” or “I don’t peel berry good” –> anytime he is getting in trouble, haha!

cowboy cape airshow airplane helicopterd and scarBlair has been busy too. She’s growing like a weed! Having a surprise second baby is pretty much the best thing ever! She has turned back into the easiest, sweetest baby. Some names that we call her are: Blair Bear, Blairy, Horse Head (because of her braying), Snort Head (because of her snorting), Cute Head (because, duh), BMW, Sister,  and Girlfriend.

mom and b kisses mean muggin shelby toys airshow 3 month bath girl





2 thoughts on “april showers bring may cuties

  1. Jon Michael says:

    Love love love love love it people. …love u all berry much

  2. Mimi says:

    Love love love all the pics & writings! You 4 are all so beautiful & cute & I miss & love you all

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