April 13, 2015 by thegreatwideopenblog


So our precious first born turned 3 years old. I feel tricked. Cheated. Wasn’t it just yesterday that his favorite thing to do was nurse or hang out on my lap?


Now he’s busy hitting baseballs, playing pirates and making my heart melt every 5 minutes. Happy 3rd birthday to the sweetest boy in the world. The boy that made me a momma. I love you, Davis Ray!


We had his party at the zoo and he had the. time. of. his. life. A lady came out and did animal presentations with a snake, a turtle, a ferret, a roach (um, ew!) and some lizard thingie. I thought he might be a little freaked out by some of them, but he was totally obsessed and wanted to touch every one of them more than once. He was over stimulated when he was opening presents and hardly had any reaction at all. It was really cute. But he did give hugs to everyone and say his thank you’s and y’all, I promise that he re-opened them at home after his nap and was so excited! He would open each one and stare at it and yell “It’s to me???”

bday boycupcakebear facelizarddex2dex

His actual birthday fell on Easter this year. He loves hunting for easter eggs, man. On the day of his school hunt, he was ready for me to go to work quickly. He waved me off and said “Don’t worry, mom, we won’t fight over the easter eggs.” For some reason, this is the best picture I got. It was at the hunt he had at Bald Pop and Meme Terry’s house. Unfortunately he’s wearing crocks and has a plastic sack instead of his easter basket. Mom fail, holla.


And here is a video of Davis with a worm when he was fishing with Daniel and Uncle Judah a couple of weeks ago. He’s talking about how cute it is, how it’s a snake and then at the end how he “broked him”.

I’m gonna go back in time for a minute because Lavanda did a little photo shoot for us when Blair turned one month old.

IMG_0313 IMG_0354 IMG_0357 IMG_0366 IMG_0488Now our little pumpkin head is 2 months old and cuter than ever. She’s collecting leg rolls as a hobby and her favorite way to sleep is in daddy’s arms. She is starting to coo and kicks her right foot like it’s her job.

memaw check up daddy nerd alert bath games gbo mimi sonja cousins auntie shirt 2 month mim sleepy angel



One thought on “celebrations

  1. Jon Michael says:

    I love you all so much, and it makes me so happy to see your blogs about our family! Priceless

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