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February 18, 2015 by thegreatwideopenblog


Blair Marie Wason: Born Thursday, February 5th at 1:15 p.m. weighing 6 lbs, 14 oz and measuring 19 and 3/4 inches long.

On Monday, February 2nd, I went in for a routine checkup. I had high blood pressure for the first time the entire pregnancy. The nurse frowned and said she wanted to take it again. It was high again but slightly lower. She took it a third time and it was normal. My doctor mentioned to me that high blood pressure could be very dangerous in pregnancy and that she normally induces between week 37 ad 38 if a woman has high BP. I was quickly approaching the 38 week point so she scheduled me to come in two days later for another BP check. It was high again. She made the decision to induce me the next day. It was a decision that might have saved my life.

We went in early the next day and labor seemed to be similar to what I had with Davis, although things were progressing slightly faster. Midway through the day, my doctor came in to place an internal monitor on my uterus to tell how strong the contractions were. She was washing her hands and telling me she would be back to check on me in a little bit as the nurse lifted up my blanket and her face went white. I could feel liquid pouring out of me. I assumed it was blood. She called the doctor over. My doctor brought a towel and told me I was bleeding and wanted to see if she could figure out what was wrong and whether or not my body would form a clot to stop the bleeding. We all held our breath for several minutes until my doctor quietly said “Ok, Rachel. It’s not clotting. Your placenta ruptured due to the high blood pressure and the baby’s position has been blocking the blood from flowing until now.  We are going to have to have an emergency C section.” I immediately started crying. Daniel grabbed my hand and started whispering a prayer in my ear. And then everything went from calm to chaotic.

The surgery staff was frantic and I could sense their fear and urgency. I was rushed into the surgery room. It was painfully bright and there were so many people running around and barking orders. The medicine started to flow and I could feel the lower half of my body going numb as I started to shake uncontrollably. They were asking me if I was cold and I didn’t think I was. I knew it wasn’t a seizure because I was completley conscious. Then came the nausea. Then came dizziness. Then came a headache so painful that I started to lose my hearing. The anesthesiologist would listen to every complaint I had and would readjust the medicine and the symptoms would go away. I had people poking and prodding every inch of my body. I kept praying that it would be over soon. I finally heard my baby cry. They assured me that she was perfectly fine. At some point, Daniel was wheeled out to recovery in a wheel chair at the nurse’s urging because he looked faint (HAHA). They told him that me and the baby would be out in a few minutes. A few minutes passed and they brought the baby to him but I was not with her. He was not given an explanation. Nobody in surgery had time for that. Eventually I could tell that people were calming down in surgery. A couple of nurses were joking about something and I was just hoping it would be over soon and that I could hold my baby. I could hear the surgery equipment being put away when I heard someone say “Hey, why is she bleeding?”

I was given blood clotting medicine and had lost a total of 2 liters of blood before it stopped. They had to give me two blood transfusions.

That’s the short version. Yes, the short version. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am. For my doctor that made all of the right decisions at the right time. She kept me and my baby girl alive. For being in a hospital when I was bleeding out. For the staff at the hospital. For my friends and family that have stepped in to help. I am not someone that likes to ask for help and I am now in a situation where I have no choice.

I spent 4 days in the hospital. Within minutes of finding out that I was finally going to be released, we got a text from my step mother-in-law saying that Davis had just thrown up. We didn’t want to expose the baby to any sickness and I was worried that if I got the bug, I would burst my incision throwing up. I had Daniel call my friend Mandi to see if we could stay with her. What kind of person takes in a recovering mother that nearly lost her life just days ago and a brand new baby, not to mention my sweet mother-in-law and our fifty bags of crap? A very special friend, that’s who. Her house was like a hotel. So clean. So pretty. She had cable and bought us more groceries than we could ever eat. She even gave me everything I needed to make Davis the cutest valentines for his class party.

We did finally make it to our own home, to our sweet baby boy. My MIL was here for the entire first week doing heavy cleaning, lifting, cooking southern homemade meals, washing dishes, doing laundry, baby holding, playing with Davis, taking me to doctor’s appointments…absolutely anything you can imagine. My other MIL is here now taking over. My mom and good friends are lined up to help when she leaves Thursday. I am so very blessed.

I’ve made it through a 3 day migraine, a breast infection and a stomach bug among other things since being home. I’m heart broken that I can’t pick up Davis or run and play with him like I want to. He has been the sweetest little boy. He loves his “baby sister Bwair” and constantly brings her toys or “pets” her. When she’s nursing, he asks me if she’s drinking “boob juice”. He’s very aware that mommy’s belly is hurt and is careful around me. I can’t wait to see these two grow up together.

And as for Ms. Blair…she has only been in the world a few days, but what a huge blessing she is. She has so far been a very calm baby. She’s beautiful. She loves to nurse. At her one week checkup with the doctor, she had already gained 4 oz from her birth weight! She makes the most adorable sigh I have ever heard in my life by making a vibration with her tongue and lips. It kind of sounds like a horse braying. She also snorts a lot.

My body is sore. My heart is full. Thank you Lord for this life.

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4 thoughts on “the blair wason project

  1. Cindy Ogden says:

    My goodness, sweet Rachel….so sorry you’ve had such a rough time during the process of bringing your precious little girl into the world. I hope that will be the worst thing you ever experience and everything will get much better with each day that passes. Blessings as you all adjust to the new member of your family!

  2. Jill Muzechenko says:

    Rachel you have the gift of writing just like your Mom. I felt like I was right there! Praise the Lord for the many glorious outcomes! Especially beautiful Blair. She is gorgeous. Love and hugs, Jilly

  3. Mimi says:

    I feel blessed as well. You and Blair survived and are such a vital loving part of our family. I Praise the Lord for His tender mercies in our lives these past couple of weeks. Love, love & miss

  4. Michael Waite says:

    Rachel. I was moved to almost tears reading your blog. I’m so happy that everything worked out and now you have the most beautiful little girl. Very HAPPY for you, Daniel, and of course “Bwair’s” big brother, Davis. God was looking out for you and your family; may the Lord bless and keep you

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