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January 15, 2015 by thegreatwideopenblog

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

christmas hat

Our Thanksgiving plans didn’t go…according to plan. We ended up cancelling our traveling plans due to ear infections. Poor little guy has the worst allergies from about September through May. He’s on some new medicine that is helping a lot. He was scheduled for surgery on his ears this week but they are currently healed enough that we can put it off. Hopefully forever, because I can’t take this sick face one more time:

sick baby

December was such a fun month for us. Davis was SO aware of Christmas this year. He was learning about Christmas traditions at school all month so he would come home talking about it every day. He loved giving and opening presents. He wore a Santa hat as often as he remembered that he had one. It’s now January and he thinks Santa is coming soon. I was so thankful to have Christmas (especially Christmas morning) in our own home. Both sets of in-laws graciously traveled to Abilene so that we wouldn’t have to travel with a very pregnant momma and a very 2 year old 2 year old. I had several days off of work and at home with Davis, which is so rare and was so needed.

batman reading train big boy bikecowboycousinssleepy boy

Here he is trying to buy MORE batman pajamas online (something he has seen me do many a time):

I had wrestled with the idea of potty training during my time off. The weather made our decision for us. Abilene had another one of those lovely ice storms that made the roads un-drivable so we were completely stuck at home for 3 days. We had plenty of candy and a package of Batman underwear so why not, right? I can’t say the first couple of days weren’t a challenge, because they were. He was crying a lot and needing constant reminding. But by day 3, he was a pro at holding it and telling us when he needed to go. He doesn’t have accidents anymore. I’m seriously shocked at how easy it was. When he poops, he looks at his accomplishment and yells “I pooped some toys!” or “I pooped some sticks!” depending on the shape. When I take him to the bathroom with me in public (which is unfortunately often) he usually yells “Hey, are you going to poop, mommy?”

I miss his diaper butt but I’m so proud of my big boy!

potty1 potty2 batman underwear

The cutest things he’s saying lately are:

“Back-uh-ard” – backyard
“Cudders” – covers
“To” instead of “for” and “of” (Example, “I made this to you!”)
“Or” instead of your (Example, “That’s ors mommy!”)

We are currently having an argument about how the donut store is only open for breakfast (he wants it for dinner). After a long silence, he said “Let’s tell Batman and he can get into the donut store.”

I’m still pregnant if anyone is wondering. Davis cries when I can’t hold him like he’s used to be held or snuggled because of my belly. I want to cry too, buddy. Here he is claiming unnamed sister’s sleeper already.

baby davis


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