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November 22, 2014 by thegreatwideopenblog

Davis has a message for the world. The two humans pictured below with him are HIS Mommy and Daddy.


He regularly feels the need to let people around him know this fact. I was holding a co-worker’s new baby a few weeks ago and he was crouched down at the baby’s head whispering ever-so-sweetly. I stopped talking to the grown ups long enough to realize he was whispering “That’s MY mommy.” I’m thinking the transition with baby sister is going to go smoothly.

We finally committed to getting rid of his beloved paci. Heartbreak for all parties involved. We got him a big boy present to replace them (a basketball goal) which was truly the highlight of his entire life up until bed time came around that night. Then he let us know that we could take the basketball goal back because he’d rather have the paci. We had a few rough nights and car rides but he handled it like a champ and doesn’t ask for them anymore. I found one cleaning behind his dresser a couple of days ago and almost started crying. Either from the reminder that my baby is not much of a baby anymore or because of the amount of dirt and dust I found surrounding it. Here’s a video of him with his basketball goal and his victory dance.

His favorite thing to do right now is ride the train at the zoo. He waves to those passing by as if we were royalty. He also loves to see all of the “bop cats” at the zoo. (He thinks all of the felines at the zoo are bob cats). Speaking of cute things he says wrong, he calls Winnie the Pooh “Winnie the Poop” and refers to both male and females as “he”. Oh and anything that happened in the past, whether it was 5 minutes ago or 5 months ago, is referred to as happening “yesterday”.

We’re thinking about hiring a new receptionist at the office:

As you saw in the Halloween pic at the top, he was Batman for Halloween. This is his latest obsession. He has been wearing that mask/cape thing for weeks. He cries every day, EVERY DAY, when I tell him he can’t wear his Batman pajamas to school.

batman1 batman2 batman3

His favorite person in the entire world is his Daddy. That is really sweet, right? Except that I’m chopped liver when Baby Daddy is around. He sometimes won’t even kiss me if he’s around. Or if I kiss him, he will sometimes “wipe it off” and hide his face in Baby Daddy’s shoulder. Daddy has been out of town a lot in the last couple of months. Which is both sad and hard as a pregnant-full time-working-mother-of-a-two-year-old. But it has also been a blessing in disguise, because guess who is favorite person is when Daddy’s gone?

reading girlfriends cat bedheadpumpkin patchcat2gundaddys shoestrainmemepopgempop



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