a mullet & a fib


August 20, 2014 by thegreatwideopenblog


My pumpkin head is growing quite the mullet. It’s the only way his hair wants to grow. I think he would look so adorable with a short haircut but I mean…what would he twirl?


He loves to sing if he’s in the right mood. If he’s not in the right mood, he will yell NOOOOOO if you ask him to sing or if you try to start singing yourself. His favorite songs are Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and his ABC’s. At the end of his ABC’s, he says “Now I know my A, B, C…D, E, F, G” etc. and the song never ends until he gets distracted with something else.

He loves playing pretend. Mostly just cooking and serving a variety of drinks. He tells me when I can and can’t drink my pretend coffee. Sometimes, he hands me a cup and picks himself up one and says “Mommy no drink. Only me.” So he pretend drinks it while I just hold mine. Then he takes the cup away.




He has officially told us his first made up fib. He’s lied a few times saying no he didn’t do something but hasn’t ever really made up stories that we know of until now. I had noticed he had a mark on his face when I picked him up from school but forgot to ask him about it. Baby Daddy asked him at dinner what happened to his face. He looked up towards the ceiling in deep thought and said, “The car seat did that. No, Scarlett did that….KITTY CAT SCRACTH MY EYE! I SAID NO KITTY CAT!” He jumped down from his chair and ran into my bedroom and yelled at the cat “DON’T SCRATCH MY EYE, KITTY CAT!” then he ran back to the table as fast as he could and said “Dad, I told kitty cat no!” He sat back down calmly and took a bite of his cookie. His eyes widened and he looked at Dan and said “Kitty Cat scratched my weg!” He bounced off of his chair and ran back to my room and yelled at the cat again. This continued for 10 minutes with a variety of places that the cat scratched, including his shoe and his hair.

The caterpillars that Bald Pop gave him became butterflies and he was truly amazed. I showed him how to hold out his hand for the butterfly to sit on but he was too scared to stick his hand IN the jar. So I told him I would try to transfer it to him. He held out his hand, tongue sticking out, and the butterfly immediately flew away. I am not exaggerating when I say that he held his hand like this for 2 minutes, dumbfounded:

butterfly ready

He’s also been really into organizing his toys into lines. Especially at bath time. My absolute favorite is when he wears the Mr. Potato Head glasses while he organizes his bath toys (see below):

potato head

He usually loves to say his prayers. He squints his eyes and thanks Jesus for specific things. When he’s in a bad mood and doesn’t want to pray, he growls or yells “NO THANK YOU JESUS!!!!”

Here are a few more pics from the last month or so. As you can see, he and Scarlett like to do the exact same things all the time.

cousins1 cousins2cousins8swimastrosdaddymommacousins4 cousins5 cousins6 cousins7



2 thoughts on “a mullet & a fib

  1. Alan Peake says:

    Great pics for sure…..best enjoy these magic days….one day they will be teens…uh oh. Cheers and blessings, PeePaw

  2. Audrey Shaw says:

    Love those sweet things and so glad they get to hang out together now!!!!! And I love reading your stories Rachel because it always brings back wonderful memories…. lining up the bath toys is definitely a memory for me (but the Mr. Potato Head glasses are an awesome twist!)

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