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May 27, 2014 by thegreatwideopenblog

easter budDavis loved Easter this year. Probably because he was allowed to eat some of the candy . He had an egg hunt at school, one with friends and one with our family out at my brother’s house in Dudley.

uncle seth meme terry

Mother’s Day was the first day I’d had off work in 2 weeks so it made our day extra special. We had been missing each other! His school had a little Mother’s Day tea party for us the week before. He scarfed his cookie down at the party in the same motion that he tried to steal mine. When I told him it was momma’s cookie for Mother’s Day, he started screaming and crying. Then he gave me a scary Mother’s Day craft. Here we are pre-fit:

MD party

He asked to hold my hand on the way to church. He helped me make dinner. He fell asleep twirling my hair. Best Mother’s Day yet.

MD cooking

Here are a few things that this Mother’s Day had in common with last Mother’s Day:

1. Davis is not potty trained. Not even close. And to be completely honest, I love his little diaper butt and dread the day that he will be so big and independent that he’s wearing big boy underwear with no need to look up at me mischievously after I ask him if he’s pooped. Haters gonna hate.

2. Davis is still obssessed with his paci. I was soooooo confident that I would break him of the ol’ paci after his first birthday. I am now thanking the Good Lord daily for its presence in our lives.


3. Davis does not sleep through the night. If you had told me that before I got pregnant, I probably would not have ever gotten pregnant.

Let’s hope we can cross these off next year.

My little parrot has picked up on a phrase that I have now realized that I use A LOT. It’s really hilarious when you hear yourself in your toddler.

His latest fashion statement is a band-aid. He wants to pick one out and show you where to put it before we leave the house.


We are happy that the sun is back. We’ve been swimming and going to baseballs games. And of course playing with friends. In fact, we just made a little trip to Dallas this last weekend. I wanted to cheer up one of my best friends and Davis wanted to play with her daughter. We all had the best Saturday together. Then he woke up at 3 in the morning Sunday and proceeded to throw up all over her house for the next several hours.   This is my life.

momma talia sleepy baseball haircut playing w dad cadence1 cadence2 big boy


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