2 years old

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April 15, 2014 by thegreatwideopenblog

newborn2 years old









I’ve been avoiding this blog as if it would keep Davis from getting older. How in the world do I have a 2 year old?

The little chatter box is a busy man. He thinks he’s big enough to do EVERYTHING himself, which is making us late everywhere we go. He’s eating more food than I ever thought such a little person could eat. His favorite thing in the whole world is candy. I know, I know. Every kid loves candy. But candy can quite literally fix any problem in his life (and in turn mine). We bought Bald Pop a back of peanut M&Ms for his birthday and he silently stared at the bag of candy with an occasional lick of the lips for the entire 20 minute drive to Clyde. About a minute before we got to their house he started saying “Bald Pop share candy?” over and over again.

Here’s an idea of how well potty training is going:

We’ve had some really cute attempts (see below), but nothing is coming out yet. One time I tried to blow some air at him to see if it would help and he pointed at me and said “Momma blow Dabis wee wee?” Yeah. Crossing my fingers he doesn’t repeat that ever again.

potty 1potty2





He’s been busy playing with all of his buddies. If you ask him what he did at school, he will most likely say “Played with Holden!!” with a huge grin on his face!

judah1pajama dayjudah2wagoncadencedexbald pop memejudah3taliatalia2haus partyWith good weather making its way back around, he’s been spending as much time as he can outside. He loves playing all sports, especially baseball. And he’s really good, if I do say so myself:

He had the best 2 year old birthday party. There was no theme. I’m sure that will come back in style some day.

cake making marmi cakes cake presents scarAnd he loved having his family in town. His Cool Pop came all the way from Colombia!

marmi work marmi hats cousins mimi marmi toonsThis year’s birthday was by far harder on momma. Last year, he was still my chubby little baby with only a couple of teeth to eat his birthday cake. He seems like more of a little boy every day now, leaving his baby days in a trail behind him. Our hearts are overwhelmed with love and pride for our big boy.

cowboy reader flip flops monkey car washer big boy





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