23 months


March 6, 2014 by thegreatwideopenblog


I sat down to begin this blog 2 weeks ago. All I got down was:

“Remember that one time I said I thought we were already in the Terrible 2’s? I was wrong about that. So, so wrong.”

That made me laugh when I signed on today. When I wrote that, Davis had taken an extended vacation in Tantrum City. True to its name, this city was filled with tears, tantrums and time outs and his only friends were Misery and Whining.

Then randomly one day, we woke up back at home with a perfect-angel-of-a-child. I am not even exaggerating. He was patient. He was polite. He shared. He gave unsolicited hugs and kisses. He played independently. He threw zero fits in 4 days. ZERO.

We are back to a more normal balance of life somewhere in between but the little dude seems be more aware and in control of his emotions after his recent enlightenment. This month has been full of sentences. Sentences that are repeated a minimum of 10 times before moving onto the next. He’s asked to go “fee pee” or “foo poo” in the potty a few times but is ready to get off after about 10 seconds.


His fits have morphed into an adorable choppy little run in the other direction with both hands waving in the air. We’ve had to cut out about 3 hair knots that were the result of some intense hair twirling. When the boy is sleepy, there will be hair twirling, preferably on someone else’s head. Last night we had dinner with friends and he was just walking around trying to find a toddler that would let him twirl. Dexter…Rose…I even saw him rub baby Clara’s bald head as he let out an audible sigh. Here is a video of some live-action-after-nap-hair-twirling.

Signs that you may need to have another child…or buy a dog…or have cousins move closer:

He’s had his first big boy haircut. It wasn’t very much that we took off but his hair now looks a little less mullet-ish.

haircut hair big boyMy firecracker is about to turn 2 YEARS OLD. See y’all after I’m done mourning.

hot dogs snugle bud park seesaw cousins cousins2 nona dad friends


savage fridge workin


One thought on “23 months

  1. I can’t believe he is going to be two! I know y’all are so proud of the little nugget. Praying blessings over y’all always!

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