Back in Texas


January 31, 2014 by lavandaw

Yes, we are back in Texas.  Scarlett and I moved back at the beginning of January due to some unforeseen relationship changes…which is why I haven’t really been updating the blog.  Sorry, when things aren’t going great, it’s not easy to be enthusiastic about updating people on your life and goings on.  Things are good now though.  We’re living with my Mom for the time being.  I put all my stuff in a storage unit in Austin for now and plan to move back that direction as soon as I can.  So here begins my new life as a single mother with the sweetest most wonderful baby girl I could ever have asked for.  Here’s what she’s been up to:

She’s 18 months old…talking up a storm, saying sometimes two-three word “sentences!”  Who is this kid?  She randomly tells me she loves me which is definitely my favorite.  Her words are getting clearer and clearer..kind of miss when “I love you” sounded like, “lalala” (I’ll include a video on that one)  She loves baby dolls, strollers, balls, cars and things with wheels she can ride in, and LOVES riding in trucks…like actual trucks.  I think it’s because her Dad has a truck and she gets to ride up front because there’s no back seat.  Way more fun. (IN her carseat…relax everyone).    She’s a really picky eater and that’s difficult.  She is still nursing and loving it.  We are co-sleeping at present which is comforting for us both.  Usually.  We just got her a toddler bed, but she only sleeps in there for the first half of the night.  She’s too cute and sad in the middle of the night reaching up at me for me to deny her.  So we snuggle and we love it.  They are serious when they say you’ll never sleep again when you have kids.  I’m so tired.  We just went to my cousin’s wedding in San Antonio this last weekend.  Scarlett, Davis and Emme were all able to play with each other and dance together at the wedding and it’s so sweet.  So glad that they will get to be close like all of us were growing up.

My great-grandma lives here too and Scarlett and I help take care of her most days.  I can’t even begin to describe the sweetness and cuteness that is Scarlett and Grandma together.  She is such a sweet little care-giver.  She pats grandma’s leg when she’s upset and tells her “ok” (it’s ok), she sits on her bed with her and pretends to sleep next to her.  She puts chapstick on her and does her leg exercises with her…call her “ma”  It’s ridiculous.

Here are some recent and not so recent photos and videos to catch us up…

IMG_4880 IMG_5069 IMG_4972 IMG_4652 IMG_4859 IMG_4965 IMG_5200 IMG_1700 IMG_5104 IMG_4705 IMG_5206

IMG_2864 IMG_2915 IMG_2921 IMG_3183 IMG_3298  IMG_4049 IMG_4082 IMG_4098 IMG_4118 IMG_4123 IMG_4135 IMG_4136  IMG_4169 IMG_4187 IMG_4201 IMG_4223 IMG_4236 IMG_4245 IMG_4253 IMG_4277 IMG_4298 IMG_4340 IMG_4344

One thought on “Back in Texas

  1. Memaw says:

    So precious and sooooo much fun having both of you here in Houston. I love having Scarlett run up to me on couch and saying “Memaw, love you”, and then hug and kiss me. Also love the good dinners you are cooking for us. You are so talented in so many ways.

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