merry crookmas and hatty new yea


January 5, 2014 by thegreatwideopenblog


I’m always really stressed during the holidays. Trying to balance work, Christmas shopping, cooking, cleaning and now a few (okay a LOT) of toddler fits makes me feel inadequate, anxious, slightly angry and unusually thirsty for wine. Not to be confused with Davis’s WHINING. The poor child has had a rough go of things. He went straight from the stomach virus to a double ear infection to bronchitis. He is also going through the worst teething patch I’ve ever seen.

The little prince was showered with love and presents and a special trip from his Cool Pop and Marmi!

watching elmo presents with marmi cool pop

I made a beautiful meal for us on Christmas Eve that included a couple of Davis’s favorites…homemade macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. He took one look at his plate and then tried to throw himself out of his high chair in protest as he screamed “WAFFLES! WAFFLES! WAFFFFFFLES!”. Then we let him open one present. The one I was most excited for him to open. See video below.


The kid isn’t loved at all and hardly got any presents or attention.

xmaspjs bald pop riding car christmas nap meme

He will be 21 months tomorrow. (I promise to stop counting his age by months when he turns 2.) His favorite foods are ravioli and fig newtons. He has started to announce that he is about to poop and sometimes sticks his hand in his diaper. His favorite toy is a plastic kabob he got from his Memaw that has fake meat and veggies on it. He loves helping me cook and helping me make cockie (coffee). He hates bathing and tends to speak in a French accent.

In the words of the little man himself, Merry Crookmas and Hatty New Yea!

elmo wagon momma cat hunting mim talia corn dog judah memet zoo talia zoo


One thought on “merry crookmas and hatty new yea

  1. Meredith says:

    Hahahaha I love that video of him and Elmo. Adorable. Sinclair has also recently discovered and loves Fig Newtons. Random….

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