20 months


December 10, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog

mohawkLittle Dude is only 20 months old but he sure acts like a 2 year old.

His fits are extremely dramatic and include head banging. Not the cute kind that he used to do when he heard music. The kind that makes me worried he’s had some minor concussions.

His favorite food is peanut butter (pronounced apiyah). He demands to eat it out of the jar without assistance and you are a terrible excuse of a human if you think you can put it back in the pantry without some head banging.

He’s obsessed with Elmo. If we are watching a Sesame Street episode and Elmo isn’t in it, he will whine and point to the tv and say “Elmoooooo”. Sometimes he can’t even wait to get dressed after a bath before he runs to the tv looking for him like in the video below.

We made the big trip to Houston for Thanksgiving where he ate plenty of peanut butter and played horsie more than any prince that has roamed the earth. He even got to play with his BFF/cousin Scarlett. He loves her so much that he bit her right before we left town.

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We were snowed/iced in for the long weekend. Cabin fever takes on a whole new meaning when it’s covered in toddler throw up and does not include any sleep. He was so sweet and so sad. On Saturday the only 3 words that he said were paci, water, and Elmo. He wanted to be held all day, even on my trips to the bathroom.

sickie2He’s well again and we are back to being ready to block whatever he throws at us. Literally. Happy 20 months, Big Boy!

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One thought on “20 months

  1. Gaye Peake says:

    The pictures are so precious. Finally had time to look at post. We have been going crazy around here. I hope to be in Abilene Friday. I am coming for Church party saturday night and caroling on Sunday night. I hope to see you if you aren’t busy with parties. I will call to get Davis’s presents to him and hope to get a short visit with you. Scarlett and Emme had fun together, just like Davis and Scarlet. They are all so precious together. Keeps me feeling young just to watch them play. Love you and hope weather holds out so I can come.

    Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2013 02:58:55 +0000 To: peake911@hotmail.com

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