sick day


November 14, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog


Rainbow called me Monday afternoon right after Davis woke up from his nap and told me that he was running a 102 fever. I dropped everything at work and went to pick up my rosy-cheeked baby boy. He smiled and laughed and chattered the whole way home. One of the other doctors in our pediatrician’s office was able to squeeze him in that afternoon so I decided to go ahead and take the appointment with some hesitancy. I tend to take him when there is nothing wrong and often keep him when he is really sick. Not great luck for someone who has no insurance. I had given him a fever reducer before the appointment so naturally, he had no fever when the nurse took his vitals. Here is a picture of how happily he was playing in the room waiting on the doctor.


I explained his symptoms to the doctor…blubbered about how I may have jumped the gun with making an appointment too soon. She checked the first ear and said “Oh yeah, this one is definitely infected…” to which I responded “OH GOOD!” Fortunately she didn’t call CPS. She just laughed with me and gave me a discount on my visit. Apparently I should be an idiot more often. He has a double ear infection, by the way.

I stayed home with him yesterday. We threw rules and routines out the door. He ate whatever he wanted whenever and wherever he wanted it. (Including peanut butter crackers dipped in garlic humus??) We had a dance party in the kitchen. I held him for most of the day, even during his nap. He warmed his hands and feet on my coffee cup. We read the same books over and over. He walked around with the thermometer and would rub it on his head, look at it and say “sick”. He held my hand. He wanted to snuggle. It was the best day I’ve had in a long, long time.

IMG_7209 IMG_7217 IMG_7213 IMG_7223 IMG_7226 IMG_7229 IMG_7232


2 thoughts on “sick day

  1. sweetest. thing. ever. I love him.

  2. Meredith says:

    Poor guy. Sorry he was sickly….but I’m glad y’all had a day of making memories!! Hope we get to see y’all soon!!

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