17 months


September 15, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog


We have a 17 month old on our hands. He’s talking up a storm, growing in some monster molars, and putting forth his best effort to take out Abilene’s banana supply.

He’s recently started to get really embarrassed by things. He doesn’t like it when you see him fall or hit something on accident. He tries to hide behind his hands so that you can’t see him and you can forget what just happened.

embarrassed2 embarrassed1

He’s determined to get his shoes on properly by himself these days. He sometimes gets them just barely on his toes and will try to force himself to walk that way. Then he falls and covers his face.

shoes1 shoes2

We made the long haul to Houston for Labor Day. The drive was terrible of course but we had so much fun. Davis ate his way right on through town.

mimi piano mimi reading mimi swimming great gma facetime

marmi breakfast marmi eating marmi silly marmi swim

The fair is back in Abilene and it was so fun to take Davis now that he is bigger. He got to ride a couple of rides! He unfortunately feels the same way about the petting zoo that he did last year.

petting zoo 2012 petting zoo 2013This is the hardest I’ve ever heard him laugh. I was sticking my gum out and sucking it back in really fast. I’m thinking about quitting my day job.

Here are a few more pics before he turns 18 months and I have to start all over.

reading movie baldpop computer bug IMG_6576

fair ride couch tater friends


2 thoughts on “17 months

  1. Mimi says:

    Cute and cute little 17 month old!!! love and miss

  2. Cassie says:

    I love that he hides his face! That is adorable…and sad. Poor guy should see how often I bump into stuff. Also, how do our kids stay so skinny when they NEVER stop eating???

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