15 months


July 5, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog


15 months old?? Parenting can be so depressing. Every month goes by faster and faster.

Bud’s vocabulary is growing exponentially. He’s starting to really articulate his words. Instead of just “bi” for bite, he says “biiiitttttah”. His favorite word of all is truck (“guck”).

bat cat daddy ghost baby momma reading swing2 tunnel

photo-3 photo-1 photo

One of his new favorite things right now is hitting. People mostly but pretty much anything in sight. I’m sure it’s confusing that we encourage him to hit balls but he can’t do the same thing to humans. We continue to invest a lot of time teaching him about not hitting people. And he continues to think its hilarious. Here he is passionately swinging his golf club around.

There was a time in my life when I was a really good hula hooper, ok? I thought I would show Davis how cool I was at Target only to find out that I have lost this skill in a bad way. We took turns hula hooping for 15 minutes because Davis was laughing so hard.

Dan and I have to sneak out of the house if one of us has to leave to avoid a really sad fit from Davis. It’s quite a process. Here is a video of Davis realizing that Dan somehow left without his knowing it.

And here is a video of him practicing his jumping in the pool. Haha. We were out of swim diapers if you’re wondering. Livin’ on a prayer.

I would also like to post the following picture of Davis from last 4th of July. He was just sitting around being fat and cute because it’s all he could do. This picture makes me want to cry. And nurse him. I won’t do either of those things. But I might have a glass of wine. Happy birthday, ‘merica! And Happy Real Birthday, Scarlett Rae. Lavanda was having contractions when we took this picture!



2 thoughts on “15 months

  1. Mimi says:

    What a cute little grandson thing!!! Thanks for posting all the wonderful pics and videos! We love to look at / watch them over and over! Love and miss!

  2. Meredith says:

    I’m not sure how I’m just reading this post. Davis is so cute…and brave!!! Sinclair would never jump in the pool!! I think you are a great hoola hooper, personally. hahahaha we have to sneak out of the house so Sinclair won’t throw a fit, too. Im pretty sure you’re not ‘supposed’ to do that….but, let’s be honest, we do a lot of things ‘wrong’!!

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