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June 28, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog

We just got back from our big trip to Arizona to celebrate Scar’s birthday! But first, I need to post a few pics and videos of the couple of weeks leading up to our trip. Mimi came to visit! She has assured us that he will test at genius IQ levels based on her time with him.

pjs sleepover

outside1 outside2 outside3

tough tp fathers day


We taught Davis how to sound like an American Indian. We throw it into our list of questions…like “What does a duck say?….What does an Indian say?” (Hopefully he doesn’t think they are animals too.) I asked him what an Indian says on the plane today. I realized about 2 seconds too late that we were sitting across the aisle from an actual India-Indian. Yeah.

He’s suddenly interested in walking backwards. What up, MJ?

Meme Terry and I put a ball in his shirt the other day. He could not figure out how to get that thing out. So he decided this was his new life and to make the most of it.

D is throwing fits ALL THE TIME now. It’s exhausting. His immediate response to something he doesn’t like is to either throw himself down or lay down flat on his back. Sometimes he’s screaming but sometimes he’s completely silent. Here’s a video of the silent fit.

His favorite game right now is throwing balls:

His favorite song is Old McDonald Had a Farm. He’s starting to sing some of it!

We had so much fun in Phoenix. This was D’s first time to fly and I must say…he was a perfect angel. Not what I was expecting at all. He slept for the longer flights between Dallas and Phoenix and was a doll during the Dallas/Abilene flights. He was smiling and waving at everyone on the plane.

plane2 plane1

Scarlett and Davis followed each other around and did a lot of hugging and kissing. Scarlett, we promise to work on our sharing skills before our next visit.

mimi hugs scar playin reading

Lavanda and Tim threw Scarlett’s birthday party at one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen: Apache Lake. This lake is wayyyy up in the Superstition Mountains. The views and the fun times were well worth the scary road up. We met so many nice people too. After we introduced Davis to one of the little boys at the party, he said “Well, I only like girl babies. Like THAT ONE!” and ran to Scarlett pointing. She’s already a heart breaker. Tim’s family is so sweet and I was glad to have finally met everyone. It’s a comfort to know she’s in good hands.

Here is a little insight to how much Davis loves his cousin:

Happy birthday, my sweet Scarlett Rae. You have brought us all so much joy. We love and miss already!

mountains ball mimiscar coolpopbanana marmi boat1dog coolpop1 coolpop2 marmihug cousinhug colombians scaranddad


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  1. Meredith says:

    Such sweet pictures!!! They are so cute playing together!!

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