14 months


June 6, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog

summer baby

Pumpkin head is 14 months old today! It feels like he’s gone from baby to toddler in the last few weeks. 😦 He’s understanding what we say to him and is trying his best to communicate back. His favorite thing to communicate is still “eat”, although he’s developing quite the vocabulary. He has also picked up from Rose how to sign “more” in sign language. We have never once tried to teach him that. He picked up on Rose doing it at our weekly dinners and just started doing it one day! He will walk to the door when he wants out and sign “more”. He will get on his tip toes and get food off of the table and bring it to me and sign for “more”. He even signs for “more” when he finds his baby Tylenol because it tastes so good…haha.

sharing museum

climbing diapers climbing to cat digging duckface walking

His favorite game right now is putting things in the toilet.

He’s trying to climb on everything.

And he’s still collecting bruises like they’re going out of style.

Here is a video of Davis saying a few of the animal sounds that he knows. He was a little distracted at his cuteness because I had the camera flipped to where he could see himself. Apparently I think it’s necessary to rub his head every time he gets it right.

Here are some pics of our Memorial Day. We had a BBQ with friends and then a BBQ with family. I was attempting to change D’s diaper at my Dad’s BBQ but he got away and ran to the kitchen door where he proceeded to put his hands up on the glass like it was a urinal and pee all over the door. Sorry about that, Bald Pop.

baldpop Uncle Judah 1 Uncle Judah 2 cousins


2 thoughts on “14 months

  1. still the cutest thing ever.
    miss y’all dearly.

  2. Mimi says:

    I love & miss that cute little 14 month old baby toddler thing!!! He’s so good with his animal sounds! Can’t wait to see “more” of him in just a few days! Love & miss

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