May 27, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog

happy car seat

I’ve needed to take a trip to Corpus Christi for work for a few months. I haven’t ever been away from Davis overnight so the idea of being gone for an entire week without him didn’t sound very appealing. So I thought I’d just bring Baby and Baby Daddy with me. The drive itself wasn’t fun but everything else was awesome. The work was great and my clients spoiled me rotten. They made an honest effort to fatten me up. I don’t know that I’ve ever eaten so much. Davis ate a lot too. Here he is saying/grunting the word “eat”. Please notice how he squats down as he waits.

Our hotel was awesome and our room faced the beautiful bay. Dan tried to enjoy the view from our balcony during one of D’s naps and was attacked by seagulls. I can’t tell you how sorry I am that I couldn’t witness that. Davis ran smack into a few of the windows at the hotel. They were really clean.

dayview nightview

D window hall nakeyhotel hotel playing

Davis has been to Galveston beach once at Christmas but it was really cold. This is the first time for him to play in the warm sand. He loved it so much. He may or may not have eaten some.

beach1 beachdad beach2 beach mom beachdad2 sandsharing

One of my clients took us all out to dinner and ice cream on Mustang Island one night. The view was beautiful and the company was great. Davis was completely obsessed with his adorable kids, Nickie (7) and Clarissa (4). If there was ever a moment that Dan or I tried to hold Davis to contain him, Clarissa would sweetly come up to us and say “I think he wants to get down and play with me”. She was right.

clarissa clarissa 3 clarissa 2

Here is a video of him happily climbing a mound of sand on the beach on Mustang Island.

We also went to D’s very first baseball game. The Astro’s have a minor league team (the Hooks) that play in Corpus. The field was downtown. We knew better than to buy regular seat tickets with Davis. He doesn’t sit still for anything. So we got the roaming grass area tickets. It had an incline so he almost killed himself a few times and he wanted to “play” with all of the other kids (a/k/a steal their baseballs and snacks). Basically, only one of us could watch the game at a time. It was so fun though!

mom at game

fam at game

We rushed over to the State Aquarium after I finished work on Friday. Dan and I have been to this same one a couple of different times on past work trips of mine. It was so much more fun with Bud. He was in absolute awe.

dolphin1 dolphin2 turtle otter stingray

We have made it back home now. This is what Davis does when we try to get him in the car seat now.

car seat

We tried to recreate a pretend beach for D in the back yard so that he isn’t too sad.

pretend beach pool


2 thoughts on “corpus

  1. sigh” sooo sweet, enjoyed all that…never want the videos to end–love, mum

  2. Landra says:

    Rachel! So glad I get to read your blog! Davis is such a cutie! I’m jealous that y’all got to go to the beach…it looked so fun!

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