13 months


May 17, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog

tank top

My sweet-angel-baby-child-of-my-womb keeps growing up. Here’s a list of the 13 month old’s favorite things right now.

1. Staying awake. He’s a gold medalist in this event. I remember my niece got up one night years ago and walked out into the living room where she found that my mom and I had in fact not gone to bed like her but we were actually eating ice cream and watching a movie. A child’s worst nightmare came true that night. And the legend lives on in her cousin.

2. Repeating. He is learning so many words and trying to repeat everything we are saying. I think the cutest thing he says right now is “eat”. He kind of grits his teeth and grunts the word from his diaphragm. Another cute one is “bath” because he says it in a British accent.

3. Cleaning. Yeah, you heard me. This has to come from some distant gene pool. Maybe he gets it from Mimi. He wants to take the trash out, sweep the floors and mop the floors with wet wipes all day long, y’all. I find the used wipes from his cleaning the floor tucked in special places like my bathroom drawers, my purse and the toy box. Crossing my fingers that this is a true spiritual gift.

trash sweep

4. Dancing. He’s added to his head banging by bouncing his legs some. He also occasionally grabs his ear like a DJ. So cool.

5. Playing outside. Taking me by the hand and leading me to the back door. Throwing fits as soon as we are back inside. Crying when someone else goes outside without him. You get the idea. The kid wants to be outside at all times. Here is a blurry video of him just laying at the door hoping that someone will let him out.

outside1 oustide2 outside3

photo photo photo-1 photo-3 photo-4 photo-5

In non-Davis news, Mia recently got really sick. She was losing weight rapidly, was throwing up a lot and had stopped grooming herself. The vet took an x-ray of her stomach and found lots of SOMETHING that was not food in her stomach. He performed emergency surgery and found….elastic hairbands. Thirty of them. THIRTY. This is not a joke, it’s my life. She’s recovered from the surgery and is back to playing and apparently dreaming of my hairbands.



2 thoughts on “13 months

  1. Cassie says:

    He’s such a big boy. Rose loves to clean too. If they do end up together one day, they will have a much nicer home than us.

  2. Meredith says:

    He is such a big guy!!! We need to get these kiddos together to chit-chat. It would be amazing…..like last time. We’ll have to get an actual video this time!! How do we have one year olds????

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