terrible ones?


April 27, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog


For a few days after D’s birthday, I was certain that he’d entered into the category of the Terrible Ones. I think the worst of it was due to another tooth coming through. But he’s definitely improved his tantrum skills permanently.


Tantrums aside, he’s been spending lots of time outside. He even participated in his very first charity event…a walkathon for the Noah Project. He doesn’t love being in a stroller anymore so I really thought this was a bad idea. I was wrong. As long as the snacks were flowing, he was perfectly content people watching. Don’t be mislead by the picture. He was just really confused at Grant’s attempt to make him smile for this picture.


He’s really taken a particular interest in certain body parts. If he’s not brushing his teeth in the bath, this is what he’s doing.


He wants to talk to every person (and animal) that comes in his path. He usually asks them Da? or Ba? But my favorite is when he says What?. He loves “sharing”. He will take whatever snack or toy he has in his hand to any person/animal that he sees and then pull it away as soon as they actually try to grab it. Classic. He’s like 1/32nd American Indian so it’s understandable. Adults think it’s adorable. Kids either laugh or cry depending on their age. Animals are the least impressed of all.

PJ tail PJ sharing monitor

His bed head is still painfully cute. Especially when we have to put sunscreen on his head.

hair1 hair2

We brought a cool chair in the house that we were using in the garage to use as our office chair. It rolls. We have hardwood floors. So you can imagine what Davis has been doing with it. Here he is giving PJ a little joy ride.

I’m pretty slow but I finally realized the other day how much cuter my shadow has gotten.


I was trying to delete some pictures from my phone the other day and came across this picture of Davis at 3 months old. I remember him being quite the chunk before he was mobile. But look. at. this. picture.


We attempted to go to church a couple of weeks ago for the first time in a few months. Church is just smack in the middle of his morning nap time. He woke up later than usual, so we thought maybe we could manage. We’re not ready to leave him in the nursery yet so we kept him with us. Needless to say, we ended up in the “family room” where there are toys and a speaker that brings in the church service. We are not likely going again until his nap time is later. However, please enjoy this video of him “dancing” (head banging) to the conservative acapella worship music. He will do this almost anytime he hears any form of music. He also does it when I’m trying to put him down to sleep.

Here are a few other snaps from the last couple of weeks.

smiling mama sippy cup no pants rocks walking with dada


3 thoughts on “terrible ones?

  1. He just loves cheesin’! And it brings so much joy to my heart! Thank you for sharing these pictures and for sharing your life with us. Still some of my favorite people and he is still the cutest thing ever.

    Miss y’all way too much.

  2. Meredith says:

    That picture of him looking up at you is so adorable!!!!!! And his three month pic-ohmygosh!!! Don’t you miss all that baby chub?!!!

  3. Cassie says:

    He is so funny. The tantrums only get worse, I’m sorry. But at least he looks really cute when he’s tantrum-ing. Also, you must have the most well-behaved cats on the planet!

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