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April 11, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog


One year ago, after 41 weeks of carrying a human life inside of my own body, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy in the world.

I blinked my eyes and that baby boy was suddenly walking, talking and eating his birthday cake. There’s really no point for me to try and describe in words how I’m feeling about this. Nothing is sufficient. I will just say that this has been the best and most challenging year of my life.

bday cake momdad

Davis Ray, I am completely overwhelmed with pride and joy and the honor of being your mom.

We had a super fun baseball themed birthday party at the new house. Thanks so much to everyone that came…it was so good to be surrounded by friends and family that love our little guy. And a special thanks to those that helped me get ready for the party. Totally aside from the fact that we were still trying to move into the new house, my helpers were dropping like flies to a nasty stomach bug. Including the birthday boy! He felt great on the day of his party but was pitiful the days before and the days after. Look at this sick baby and his sick daddy!

sick buds

We had nachos, hot dogs and a concession stand full of popcorn, cracker jacks, cotton candy, double bubble etc. My stomach is not in good shape but I was reminded of my childhood in a good way. Marmi spent way too many hours making the cutest little cupcakes that looked like baseball players, cracker jacks and baseballs. Davis wore an adorable t-shirt that his Aunt Lavanda made him that said “Rookie of the Year” on the front and “Davis” with the number 1 on the back. Dan and I had shirts with a baseball on the front and “COACH” on the back. We also had a pinata for the chit-len that was fun/scary to watch.

concession cupcakes

backshirt davisbackshirt

davis pinata emmepinata candy

esther1 esther2 rose jersey sinclair

daddy1 daddy2

The worst part of the weekend was seeing how much Davis and Scar loved each other. I mean, it was sweet too, but so sad to see them leave!

cousins1 cousins2 cousins3 cousins4

To add to all of this cuteness, I’d like to include a couple of videos. The first is of him dancing? to my whistling. And maybe trying to whistle with me. The second is of him shopping with me at Target. He would toddle down the aisle and touch every item and occasionally talk to them. That’s all for now because I have 10% battery and nobody is awake to bring me the computer charger.


One thought on “birthday boy

  1. Your son is adorable. And looks like you had a fun time with the birthday!

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