Springtime Getaways


April 4, 2013 by lavandaw

It’s been busy and pretty fun around here lately.  Here are some tidbits.

Tim and I took a fun day trip with Brock up to Sunrise to do some snowboarding.  It was fun? It was.  I was a beginner and spent 3 hours in a beginners class and an hour with myself fighting the good fight.  I wasn’t awful, but I did have some sore wrists and a busted ass when it was all said and done.  I face-planted once so hard my hat and glasses flew off me.  Needless to say I’ll be back next year to give that mountain what-for.  It was the only snow I touched this year too so it was lovely..ImageImageImage

We also went to a spring training game.  It goes on for about a month here and it’s just a time when old and mostly young gather around the field, drink, and kinda watch some baseball.  I mostly just watched Scarlett. 🙂  It was a little cold for her but we had a great time.


My birthday was in March and my sweet boyfriend surprised me with flowers and an amazing bike!  It’s like a hybrid cruiser with gears.  I love it so much.  Still working on getting a bike seat on it for Scarlett.  Tim also built me two garden beds in the back yard.  We’re already seeing some of our stuff growing.  It’s crazy how fast it happens.  I planted all veggies so hopefully we can eat from the backyard soon.  Here’s Scarlett helping to test out the soil.  IMG_7416032413_0075

Donna and Tim Sr. came down and we all got together and celebrated mine and Anita’s birthdays.  Was a good one this year.  Can’t believe I’ll be 30 on my next birthday.  😦

This last weekend our little family went out to Apache Lake for a mini camping trip.  This lake was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  I felt like I did the first time I saw the Grand Canyon.  I’ve been so wrong about the beauty in Arizona for so long!  We slept in the back of the boat.  It fit us three just perfect and the weather couldn’t have been better.  Scarlett has never been so excited as she was to wake up and look around at all the other campers, the water and the doggies.  I’ll throw a little video at the bottom. 033013_0035033013_0065edit033013_0085033013_0071

Easter was great too.  We churched it up and spent the day at Anita’s house with the families.  Met a couple new faces.  We got some great pictures, but they’re not on my camera.  However I did get this picture of Scarlett in her pretty little dress that her Mimi sent her.


In Scarlett news:

She has 3 bottom teeth now.  Adorable.  They all showed up within about 2 weeks of each other.  Poor baby..she was a trooper though and we got her a toothbrush for all her hard work.


She becomes more and more like a cat every day.  She loves stringy things and carries things around in her mouth.

IMG_7431 031513_0114 031513_0109

She dances to music a little bit.  Mostly during commercial jingles if we’re watching TV and to some reggae on the boat (see video)

She’s taking steps here and there (see videos)

She thinks the most random stuff is funny and can be a pretty tough crowd.

She’s sleeping in her crib now.  This is a big deal because she’s been sleeping either on or beside me since the day she was born.  I can’t tell you how awesome it is to stretch out.  I do miss snuggling with her though.  Usually she ends up in the bed with me by the early morning so it’s a good balance..  Mostly because I’m too exhausted/lazy to get up and put her back in her bed.

And last and my favorite….she’s saying mama!  Ahhh I’ve waited so long!  Amazing how satisfying it is to hear her say it.  (see video)


That’s about it!  I’m going to Abilene tomorrow night/friday morning and can’t waaaait to see my precious nephew and the rest of the family.  So pumped.


2 thoughts on “Springtime Getaways

  1. penny says:

    She’s beautiful lavanda! Such a cutie. Sounds like life in Arizona is agreeing with you:) Nice to see you happy and pretty as usual.

  2. memaw says:

    Finally got to watch the videos. Soooo cute. I miss her already. I am sorry I did not get to say goodbye. Love you oodles.

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