10 months


February 5, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog

mom in dads hat

We have entered the double digits, y’all. Davis will be 10 months tomorrow!

His biggest accomplishment this month is that he has started standing without support for a couple of seconds at a time. He’s also starting to walk with his little walker toys. He’s still so wobbly…it’s painfully adorable. Here is a little video of some of his walking. Watch closely after he falls on his knees the second time if you are curious about his dancing skills. That’s as theatrical as he gets when it comes to dancing. I think that relieves his dad.

For some reason, he has started doing a pretty intense fist pound. Sometimes he has a really serious face when he does it and sometimes he’s really happy and smiling like he is here:

His newest word is wow. My favorite thing he says (besides mama of course) is “oh wow”.

He’s been a little under the weather lately. Lots of drainage, poor guy. But that hasn’t dampened his spirits a bit.

He has learned how to stand up in his high chair. This is not good.


We have skipped winter altogether around here so he’s been outside a lot.

park1 gun park2

Other than that, he’s been up to his usual: laundry, playing, being cute, and trying to get into things he can’t. Happy 10 months, buddy. Your birthday is around the corner!

crawl museum laundry praise him coffee bed head superbowl


4 thoughts on “10 months

  1. Cassie says:

    He’s so cute. His little fist pound is pretty intimidating.

  2. Marmi says:

    That boy is just toooo cute!! Can’t wait til his birthday and I can see him, squeeze him and kiss all over him …..which he will hate every second of! Love the last pic with both dad’s with the same expression-less look focusing on something and both babies with a droopy look focusing on something else!! Hilarious!

  3. Mimi says:

    I can’t stop watching the videos! What a sweet, cute fing!!! He’s so strong! Love the way he directs the orchestra as he dances – hee hee! Love the double wows! We need to teach him the phrase, “You want a piece of me?’ to go with his hand punches! Too cute! Love all the pics!!! I need him to help me fold my laundry! And wow, that picture of Davis in the chair with the sunset glowing against the bricks and his gorgeous hair – beeeeeeautiful!!! Love and miss!

  4. Meredith says:

    He is too cute!!! Sinclair has finally caught up with Davis and is crawling everywhere, standing all day long, and also trying to walk with her toys. It’s so scary!! Ahhhhhh I can’t wait to see these two kiddos together again soon. How are they so big? It seems like yesterday we were weepy new moms……

    I love the ‘oh Wow’ video. What a brainiac.

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