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January 16, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog


Davis has been so busy lately that we haven’t had time to blog. He sends his apologies and requested that I send you a list of the things he’s been up to. He is the boss of our house so I am doing as I’m told.

1. Entertaining a new house guest. Davis is used to chasing the kittens around in an effort to capture one of their tails. When he does get hold of one of those, he makes a growling sound and squeezes it with every ounce of strength he has. Occasionally, he will also try to eat it.


Our new guest is my brother Judah’s dog, Hunny. I’m pretty sure D thinks she is a big cat. And I’m pretty sure Hunny thinks he’s a big toy.


The cats hate her but Davis thinks she’s hilarious. Grandma’s old couch agrees with the cats.


2. Working on his cars. Car problems, man. For some reason, both of his cars are requiring that someone stand behind him and push him in order for it to move.


When we put him on it to ride, he leans back and sticks his legs in the air? It’s how he rolls.

3. Reading. He always seems pretty bored when I try to read to him. He does love closing books though. And chewing on them. But Mim got him some Winnie the Pooh books for Christmas that he really seems to like.


4. Watching the Texans lose. It’s important that D learns about how Texas teams will break your heart.


5. Expanding his cultural horizons by visiting the museum.


6. Sharing lessons. Not as much fun as he initially thought. He’s realizing that when he shares, I actually EAT the puff he’s putting in my mouth. Which means he is eating one less puff. I can see the moral wheels in his head turn when I ask him if he can share with mama.

7. Hanging out with his friends. (He’s so popular)

friends2 friends1friends3

8. Catching up on emails. So annoying.


9. Crawling up the stairs. We’re in big trouble now that he’s figured this out.

10. Transferring. He’s transferring from things like the couch to the coffee table. This is one of those videos you probably shouldn’t post to your blog because it’s not as big of a deal to other people. But I am anyways. His balance is getting so much better!


3 thoughts on “a list

  1. lavandaw says:

    so proud of this little baby boy. Kiss his head. And omg, gma’s couch! Did you sh yourself when you walked in on that one?

  2. Cassie says:

    He’s such a big boy!!!

  3. Meredith Tracy says:

    At sharing video is hilarious!!!! It’s the thought that counts! What a sweetie. Sinclair will teach him to share if he agrees to teach her to transfer?

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