9 months old and a new year


January 5, 2013 by thegreatwideopenblog


Happy New Year, folks. We were in San Diego on our Baby Moon to ring in the new year last year. This was me at La Jolla beach with our pumpkin head just 6 months womb-old.

pregs at la jolla

I don’t have a picture of NYE this year because Davis woke up crying around 11 and I fell asleep trying to get him back down. That’s how a lot of my stories end these days.

Davis turned 9 months old today. He’s crawling as fast as he can and pulling up on anything and everything. He loves eating food again and his favorite game is to be chased. We’ve experienced some terrible bouts of teething this month. A lot of work for just two tiny teeth! I’ve still been trying to get a good pic of them and this is somehow the best I can do. They are crooked and far apart. And adorable. Lavan assures us that they will straighten out and we’re not sure but a tooth may or may not come up between these two…hahaha.


It’s good to be home after all of the traveling and chaos of Christmas. Davis was happy to see some of his other family. And his kittens. And his monkey.

monkey meme and pop bald pop

This little video captures a good glimpse of the life of our 9 month old right now. Dr. Wiley told us that the sore on his mouth will not go away until he stops putting things in his mouth. So…we are trying to keep things out of his mouth until we can get it completely healed. That is exactly as difficult as you would think it would be. As you can tell in the video, it’s going well. Also, he’s been trying to crawl around with something in at least one of his hands. Which usually gets tangled in his legs and makes it harder to crawl. Which results in lots of frustration.

He is also considering career options. Judge? Order in the court?

order in the court


One thought on “9 months old and a new year

  1. Meredith says:

    That video is so pitiful hahahahah….poor Davis:( Also, how is he getting so big?!! I need to see those teeth immediately! I also was worried about Sinclair’s teeth and talked to her pediatrician. He said they’ll be fine!

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