christmas procrastination


December 21, 2012 by thegreatwideopenblog

We searched the lands high and low for the creepiest Santa we could find so that Davis could meet him and tell him what he wants for Christmas. We found him right here in Abilene!


So is everyone ready to hear what he asked for? Drum roll, please.

I apologize in advance if you were hoping I was going to say a baby brother or sister. Santa would have to be smoking some good stuff to make that mistake. It actually looks like this Santa might have been doing that but, regardless, he asked for something that he might actually have a shot at receiving…

His two front teeth! Well, maybe not two but his very first tooth has finally made it’s way through the surface! I’ve spent several days trying to get a picture of this tiny tooth without success. Here are some of my attempts on the first day it appearedĀ (December 17th):


We will work on that over Christmas break, folks.

Here is a little video of D finally getting hold of Mia Bears. He usually spends his time chasing her, but this time…she was too tired to move. I’m pretty sure she regrets being so lazy.

And this is my favorite video of him to date. It’s his newest trick: waving bye bye. He also now says “ba ba” along with it. WHY is he so cute?!?!

And here is my little Christmas shopping helper last night. Did I mention that I’m not done buying gifts and we are leaving today after work?



5 thoughts on “christmas procrastination

  1. Tricia Bruneau says:

    I cannot believe that cat didn’t turn around and retaliate! What a cutie! So glad the tooth came through! You’re making progress!

  2. I know why he is so cute….because he has such cute parents! That kid just cracks me up…that poor kitty!

  3. Meredith says:

    OMYGOSH that wave is adorable!!!!!! SO cute. I can’t wait to see that little tooth!!

  4. lavandaw says:

    Yes!! I can’t believe I get to hold him in a few hours. Can’t wait to see the cuteness! I love!

  5. randydavis6 says:

    Great shots guys…he’s cute because of his cute grands and of course aunt Lafon

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