in lieu of a christmas card


December 15, 2012 by thegreatwideopenblog

I have no theme for this blog. Unless being cute is a theme.

Here’s the cutest little bundled up bud you’ve ever seen at the zoo.


When we put the mittens on, he froze in this position. I guess he didn’t think he could move with all of these winter clothes on because he stayed in this exact position the entire time. I think it might also be why the cougar was creeping up slowly to the fence where we were and wouldn’t take his eyes off of Davis. He looks delicious to begin with but definitely looked like he wouldn’t be able to give up much of a fight.



Here’s the cutest sleeping bear butt you’ve ever seen.


Here’s the cutest little pumpkin curl you’ve ever seen.


Here’s the cutest little gangster thug you’ve ever seen.


My niece Talia taught him how to sing. It’s so hilarious. This is the best I could catch on video. Please excuse the scrubbed out mom.

He wants to catch our kittens so bad. If we close him up in a room where they can’t get out, he could do this for hours. Ok, maybe not hours but minutes….lots of Davis minutes. Which is like hours in adult time. And no, we do not take him out in public dressed like this. If you are so concerned about his matching, feel free to come over and do some laundry.

I would also like to add that Christmas is in 10 days and I have not purchased one Christmas gift. Not one. Oh and in lieu of a Christmas card from the Wasons, please enjoy this video:


3 thoughts on “in lieu of a christmas card

  1. Teresa Tracy says:

    Love the christmas card!!

  2. Mimi says:

    I cannot stop laughing and crying!!! Love, love this post!!! And yes, I fink that is the cutest pumpkin curl ever!!! Love love and miss!!!

  3. Meredith says:

    hahahahahahahaahahhahaha oh man. That Elf Yourself is amazing. Please actually learn that whole dance when Davis is older. You and Davis look exactly alike…..exactly.

    How is he crawling around like a big boy? Also, your hair is long and luxurious.

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