giving thanks for a great thanksgiving


November 25, 2012 by thegreatwideopenblog

I’m gonna try to cram a lot of information and pictures into one blog. This is our Thanksgiving break in a nutshell.

Talia wanted to ride with us (mostly just Davis) to Granny Bo’s in Fort Worth. This is what happened when I left her to play with him for a few minutes while I finished packing:

He is a pretty little boy, isn’t he? We had a lot of fun. Davis got to show GBo his man boobs and met his new cousin Hadley. She is so cute and tiny and is better at the downward dog yoga position than I am.

Then came Thanksgiving #2 at Bald Pop and Meme Terry’s in Clyde. Always the best stop for food! After D’s nap, he woke up with the most adorable Alfalfa bed head and then we FaceTimed Lavan, Scar & Tim.

Then came Thanksgiving #3. First we celebrated Rose’s first birthday. It seems like she was just born. What am I saying? It seems like Cassie and I were just pregnant! Happy birthday, sweet girl!

After the party we had TG with Mim Mim and Poppa Kent. All of my broskies were there!

In non-Thanksgiving news (although I am thankful for it) Davis has been giving exceptional hugs and kisses…especially to that super cute baby he sees in the mirror sometimes. He also pulled up by himself for the first time!

And last but not least (most importantly) Davis has started to say Mama. It’s heart melting, really. I’m not sure if he realizes that I’m Mama or not but I’ve been trying to get him to say that since he started talking. It’s been a busy and impressive week!


3 thoughts on “giving thanks for a great thanksgiving

  1. Mimi says:

    Audrey, Memaw, Gramps, & Mimi just read this posting and we love, love it and we love, love all of you!!!

  2. lavandaw says:

    what a sweet mama saying thing! so sweet. Love him.

  3. Meredith says:

    Hahaha I don’t know how I’m just now seeing the ‘boob’ pic of Davis. That is amazing.

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