crawling, laundry basket lovin’ fool


November 20, 2012 by thegreatwideopenblog

I feel like a lot of my day is spent trying to think of new toys or games for Davis (or “Little Wagstaff” as my boss calls him). I walk around the office having important conversations with lawyers while thinking “I wonder if that would be safe for him to put in his mouth”. One of his favorite things to play with right now is the tv remote. We tried to say no at first but he just loves it so much. Then I saw this YouTube video on button batteries. I don’t know what a button battery is or if my remote has one, but he’s never touching it again. Tough love.

D loves to help me with the laundry. He and the kittens have that in common. The clothes are warm and he seems to think the laundry basket is a glorious chariot of entertainment. You’re doing yourself an injustice if you don’t take a few minutes to enjoy the rolls in the third pic.

He has also been broadening his food palate little by little, bless his sweet pumpkin head. Green beans won’t be added to his repertoire quite yet:

And the next point I would like to make is a bit difficult for me to write about. He’s real crawling. I’ve been excited about it coming soon for so long and now that it’s here…I’m just sad. He looks so grown up doing it! He’s been doing one legged crawls for a couple of days but today, he did it consecutively. He’s still faster army crawling. I would imagine that is because real crawling is hard for babies as chubby as he is. That’s a lot of weight to hold up. Everyone always tells me about how “solid” he is after holding him. That is probably because he gets a few extra meals during the night when other babies are sleeping. We do call him “Bear” so maybe he thinks he’s got to stock up for hibernation.


3 thoughts on “crawling, laundry basket lovin’ fool

  1. lavandaw says:

    What’s up with the button batteries thing??? And omg that shudder is the cutest. Can’t believe he’s crawling! It’s funny how he kinda goes back and forth between the army crawl and the real thing. What a cute. Lub.

  2. Mimi says:

    Hilarious on the yucky green beans – hahaha! Yes, I love the way he combines his army crawl with his new regular crawl!!! So cute!!! And Mimi loves his little rolls!!!

  3. Audrey says:

    Know the feeling of the long wait for the milestone and then instant touch of sadness that accompanies it! Love the green bean shudder- will have to dig for the pic of Tanner being fed beets- so similar!! Davis- you are adorable and need to visit your aunt Audi soon!

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