The Hunt


November 15, 2012 by lavandaw

We went hunting.  Payson, AZ

It’s so much different in Arizona than in Texas.  You have to win this lottery basically and get drawn to be able to carry a gun and get your kill.  There’s the white tail week and the Elk week.  Literally only like 2 weeks a year.  Don’t quote me on that, but I think it’s pretty accurate.  Also, you don’t have a lease where you know there are deer.  The state has divided land and mountain ranges to hunt on.  So you have to go and scout it out weeks prior and figure out where these little guys are.  Tim and his family have been hunting for years and he’s only got one for himself and his brother, Brock has yet to get his first kill.  Crazy.  So much different.  Don’t worry, my vegan, animal friendly friends, they only kill what they will eat. probably still awful if you’re vegan.

Lot of info there.  So some cute stuff happened while we were there.

Scarlett helped scout a little and liked to hang out in her chair and watch the sunrise.

Not something you see every day

It was a little cold, but Tim’s dad, Tim :), brought his camper so we stayed nice and toasty at night.

This is a run over horny toad.  It was my first time to see one in real life..Except kinda not because it was dead.  We told Scarlett that it ate too many sundried tomatoes and threw up.  We’re not ready to have the death talk with her yet. This next one of me and Scarlett is very charming and cute.  Little did we know there was a giant gray spider crawling on my back while this precious moment was being captured.  I just got the chills thinking about it again.  eegh.

Spider on my back.

I used to hold Scarlett like this a lot in public.  Until I saw this picture:

Here is my favorite ever in the world.  Two of the most beautiful, precious things in my life, together.  Good times were had and s’mores were eaten. 🙂Some other random pics:


4 thoughts on “The Hunt

  1. Rachel Wason says:

    AZ hunting sounds really sad. Judah could never live there. Scar in a thermal and beanie = too much to handle! Love all the pics! Love and miss the most.

    Oh and I’m not so sure you weren’t telling the truth about that horny toad.

  2. Memaw says:

    Loved the Hunt stories. Very different from hunting in BIG TEXAS! Hee Hee Don’;t tell Tim. I love the cute pictures. Can’t wait to see Scarlett again. By the way, when will that be? Love you, Meems

  3. Donna Knight says:

    Adorable pics! Love love that sweet baby girl Scarlett. We have been blessed with the addition of two truly beautiful girls. God is good! Scarlett could have better parents. <3. Love you!

  4. Audrey says:

    One: where are your hunting pants you were searching for?
    Two: Is there anything cuter than a bald headed baby? (I might be a little biased)
    Three: Love your hair… inspired and making an appointment today to get my hair colored.
    Four: My favorite pic- Tim in Camo with gun and Scarlett strapped on! Love it!

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