spooky toots


November 2, 2012 by thegreatwideopenblog

We’ve been getting festive around here. Tuesday night we had some friends and babies over for chili and pumpkin carving/painting. Last year I was pregnant and still nauseous when our friends had a pumpkin carving party so Dan went solo. He came back with a carved pumpkin that said “spooky toots”. He said he just thought it was funny but I’m pretty sure he was giving my pregnancy gas a nickname. Unfortunately for him, I’m just as gassy when I’m not pregnant.

I saw lots of pretty painted pumpkins on Pinterest and thought that would be a great alternative to carving so that the pumpkins would last longer! So I sent Dan out to get some paint and some carving kits for the party. He came back with the carving kits and markers. Better luck next year on the crafts but we had fun and so did the babies. I have some great recipes and tips for entertaining as a full time working mom that I hope to share soon!

We had some really great costume ideas for Davis. Those ideas all required a lot of planning and some sewing on Dan’s part (hahaha) which created a small problem when we waited until the last minute. So we went to the Halloween Boutique to look at costumes. I suggested a cute lion that we saw that Dan wasn’t very excited about. We decided to try the head piece on him first before we made any irrational decisions. We tied the string on the head piece and Dan said “Well…I guess we’re done here.” It’s that cute. See what I mean?

We had high hopes to dress up too but we ran out of time (what’s new?). So this year we just went as the full time working parents of a cute lion. Happy Halloween and Spooky Toots, everyone!


9 thoughts on “spooky toots

  1. penny says:

    I’m loving watching Davis grow up in your posts…what a cutie! And definitely we would love to see you at Christmas in Houston. Everyone gets home on the 24th but Cole leaves on the 27th so let’s figure out something… Brindle is coming this weekend if not before!

  2. Cassie says:

    I totally forgot about that pumpkin that Dan did last year! So funny. And isn’t crazy that last year we were both pregnant on Halloween?!?!

  3. lavandaw says:

    haha Hey and surprise, I was pregnant AND at that carving party last year! Cassie was about to pop as I recall, and I was wide eyed with fear about my future. hahaha. That was a funny pumpkin last year..can’t remember how it came about. AND THE CUTEST LION EVER

  4. Mimi says:

    Cutest little lion cub in the www! Love and miss

  5. Meredith Tracy says:

    So cute and fun!!!!! And please post these recipes.

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