Scary kids scaring kids


November 2, 2012 by lavandaw

Halloween was different for me this year than most years.  Growing up we always went to our church’s “Festival of Light” where no witches and goblins dare tread.  Pretty sure I went as a ‘fruit of the spirit,’ banana style, one year per mom’s urging.  We procrastinated and ended up using paper grocery bags and a sharpie that said different fruits of the spirit all over me.  Don’t think it was yellow, so I pretty much looked like a giant brown bag with words on me.  Maybe a frozen banana ready for banana bread.  with words.  This year we went over to Chris and Anita’s (Tim’s sis and bro in law) for some chili and to scare some kids.  It was really fun.  Chris went all out on the front porch with scary music, fans, fake spooky people, lighting, the works.  We watched out the window as some kids took one look and passed by the house.  Other times a group of kids would send their bravest to the door and as soon as it was safe and they saw Chris and candy they’d all run up.  We were nice to the little ones and girls though, so don’t worry.  Adorable little things.  It was a hit.  Scarlett was woken up from three naps prior to getting there so she was in no mood to trick or treat.  We had to stop by a pumpkin patch on the way.

I’d been talking about stopping at a pumpkin patch for weeks and while I was out on errands, Tim had taken Scar and got a pumpkin.  I pretty much cried that I’d missed her first pumpkin patch experience so he took us back like a good little daddy boyfriend.  Poor thing didn’t know how much it meant to me.  We did slip her into her lil pea pod costume for awhile so we could take pictures and squeeze the cuteness out of her.  She retained quite a bit.  Thanks aunt Rachel for the costume!


6 thoughts on “Scary kids scaring kids

  1. Hahahah totally had the same Halloween experience growing up. Except I was dressed up as a mom every year. That last pic of Scar is too much to handle! So is the pumpkin patch one! Haha I lub!

  2. Mimi says:

    Cutest little pea pod in the www!
    Yeah, I think I remember that year – hahaha! Sorry about the last minute paper costume! But hey, what about all those years I made the cute little animal costumes for you and Daniel? Y’all were adorable! Zebras, kitty cats, lamb, etc. 🙂

  3. Meredith Tracy says:

    Hahahahaha ‘fruits of the Spirit’- nice! We always had to go to the fall festival at church, too. Scarlett is so cute!!

    • lavandaw says:

      Haha yeup..Christian stuff. I miss it though. “Jacob’s ladder”..”dead sea” fishing (you throw a pole over a wall and they stick some candy on it…good stuff.

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