dallas for a day


October 28, 2012 by thegreatwideopenblog

We’ve been trying to make a trip to Dallas for 3 months. I decided to face my fear of another road trip with Davis after our last ordeal for the sake of seeing some very important people. We left at his bedtime both nights so he was at least really tired. He slept most of the way with one bout of screaming/pulling over on each leg of the trip. You just get to a point where you are comfortable with the idea of your Iphone being ruined if it makes the crying stop. Any suggestions for traveling with babies this age? Regardless of that, we are so glad we made the trip! We had so much fun. Cool Pop was in Dallas for work so he put us up in a super nice hotel! We had breakfast and lunch and shopped at the mall. We missed you, Marmi!

We also finally got to meet baby Cadence! She was so sweet and so tiny and only tooted on me 3 times. Amanda has always been the “mom” of our friends – the one that takes care of everyone else. It’s really awesome to see her as the mom of someone who is this much cuter:

And on our way out of town, we stopped by Tyler & Mere’s to experience the cutest baby interaction we’ve ever seen. Last time Davis and Sinclair were together, they stared at each other a couple of times but mostly just slobbered on their own toys. This time….they realized that they love each other. They kept grabbing each other’s clothes and had a real baby conversation. They took turns talking and laughing/squealing. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

After serious consideration, I’ve decided not to post a pretty cute video I have of them. My talking in the background is just too annoying. I will post this video though. The morning after our big trip, Davis continued his “making music” movement but has now added his other arm. Some babies can wave; some babies can conduct a symphony.


2 thoughts on “dallas for a day

  1. Meredith Tracy says:

    They really were so dang cute together. I’m kicking myself daily for botching up that video…….ugh…..

  2. lavandaw says:

    you have to post the video! I wanna see it. Or email it to me. and I can’t believe he’s really doing his arms on que like that!

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