the little man with an opinion


October 21, 2012 by thegreatwideopenblog

This has been a weird week. The blasted virus wasn’t finished with us. D’s Mim Mim (and nanny) caught it and then passed it onto her husband (Papa Kent). Then our Great Grandma Lillian that is 100 years old caught it. That left us with a strange schedule of me and Dan both taking off of work here and there to take care of Davis as well as Davis getting to spend one whole day with my friend Jenifer. She took him to the Planetarium and he had a blast.

In addition to a different schedule, Davis decided that he’s not into the whole food thing. He ate solids for a full week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even peas that he happens to be allergic to! Out of nowhere, he started refusing the solids….even the stuff that he loved the week before!




He started closing his lips as tight as he could and reaching for my boobs. So we took a good long break without even trying them. Then a couple of days ago, we tried carrots with success! He might turn orange but I guess it will match his pumpkin head!

He’s also drinking water from a sippy cup and it’s pretty cute.









He road in a grocery cart for the first time.

And played in a box. I highly recommend this for babies that can sit up! He loved it.

And last but not least, he has started to get in crawling position! He’s still just a master scooter but we are getting close.


3 thoughts on “the little man with an opinion

  1. Cassie says:

    Oh my goodness!!! He will be crawling so soon, Rachel!!! Yay!! Get ready to never sit down again!!!

  2. Meredith Tracy says:

    Holy Moly. He needs to come teach Sinclair a few things…..she’s showing no signs of ever crawling:). Also, that darned virus better be long gone!!!

  3. lavandaw says:

    don’t let him crawl! It’s too soon. Meh, I’m missing everything. Loved the boob reaching comment. Scarlett has figured out where the milk comes from even with my shirt on now too..haha

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