squash and winter hats


October 11, 2012 by thegreatwideopenblog

The weather is changing. This is a strange seasonal time in Abilene. It can be 40 degrees one day and 90 the next. The cooler winds bring with them things I’m allergic to — which is extra fun since I’m nursing and can’t take any allergy medicine. But no amount of illness can take away the joy that fall brings to me! I can’t wait to dress D up in more cute fall clothes. We are spending more time outside and on the colder days, we’ve had to wrap Davis up really good to keep him warm. I mean, seriously…look at these hats.

In other exciting news, Davis started eating real food this week! This is how he feels about bananas:

Here is a video of his very first experience: squash. Please notice his excited breathing patterns. He did some hilarious shudders after we put the food away…apparently he’s not a fan of the aftertaste. I didn’t get that on video because I was out of space on my phone. Yes, he’s naked in the video because it was easier than getting a bib. Yes, he has a fever blister. And yes, there is a scratch on his forehead that I made with my fingernail. I’m ready for my Mother of the Year Award.


2 thoughts on “squash and winter hats

  1. penny says:

    I’m not sure if I would call that “real” food:) but he looks adorable enjoying it..

  2. Mimi says:

    What a cute little hat thing! Love his excited breathing patterns – too funny! Hope you feel better soon 😦 no fun during allergy season. And, hey, you are a great mother! You and Lavan are top of the top! love and miss and see you guys tomorrow! Sooooo excited!

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