Red Rocks and Dyed Locks


October 6, 2012 by lavandaw

Been awhile, sorry..haven’t had much down time.

Sedona was beautiful.  It’s so crazy when you visit somewhere with a landscape you’re not used to.  It makes you wonder why you stay home so much.  But then you remember it’s because you’re broke and haven’t worked in 3 months. 🙂

I pulled into town at sunset which was kind of a bonus in Sedona.  The red really comes out of the rocks around that time.  Tim was working 10 hour days, so me and Scarlett had to get pretty creative by ourselves. I managed to fill about 4 or 5 hours of every day exploring the countryside taking pictures, walking around gift shops and outlets, and trying out the local eateries.  After that I gave up and we watched movies and ate cereal in the hotel room.

T was so tired we usually just ate supper and went to bed when he got home.  At dinner we usually ran into some of his comrads from work, so it was nice meeting some of the people he spends his days with.  My favorites were definitely the Italians though.  They were so sweet and crazy about Scarlett.  One of em had a little one back home and he talked with her awhile.  Poor thing must miss his family as much as Tim has.  Tough biz.

Tim gave me some beautiful bracelets made by the Indians and gave Scarlett this leather headband that’s adorable. (See photos)

We had one full day with Tim while he wasn’t working so we tried to go to Slide Rock but went a little too late.  We stopped at some great spots and saw some overlooks and an amazing sunset though.

Since I’ve been home I’ve been house hunting like a mad person.  The other place I thought we were gonna get got snatched up by someone else.  But hopefully we’ll have a place by monday!  We’ll see..not getting my hopes up.













Scarlett is 3 months old today.   She’s been exploring some new faces,

getting stronger at tummy time







and is always giving her toys what-for.







Crazy that I’m still loving her more and more every day.  I guess I always thought that when you became a mother it was an instant love that never changed, but it keeps getting stronger.  There’s just nothing like it and she makes me so happy.  🙂

Meanwhile I have dyed my hair.  Here’s some advice.  Don’t dye your hair yourself if you have a very small baby and no one else is home.  She was sound asleep..I snuck into the bathroom and just as I’d covered about an eighth of my head she wakes up and starts screaming.  I couldn’t stop obviously, so she had to yell at me for 10 minutes.  I felt awful when I saw her tears.  So I cleaned myself off as much as I could and held her at my waist while i ran around the house so she wouldn’t inhale the fumes.  It was a mess.  Needless to say, I think it came out ok..just in time for fall.  Spoiler alert..I’m going short and platinum next spring/summer.


9 thoughts on “Red Rocks and Dyed Locks

  1. Haha I love those faces and all of her adorable outfits. Her aunt, uncle and cousin miss so much. Give her lots of kisses!

  2. Cassie says:

    She looks so big!!! Her eyes are beautiful. Your hair is also beautiful.

  3. Meredith Tracy says:

    Scarlett’s expressions are the best!!!! She is getting so big. Adorable. You are so brave traveling and exploring with a baby!

  4. Erika Brown says:

    She is so beautiful! And I love your hair!

    • lavandaw says:

      Thanks! I hope you start blogging or something when things settle down for you, so we can keep up with your little family. 🙂

  5. Mimi says:

    She inherited your talent for ca-ra-zy face making! Cute cute! Beautiful scenic pics. Hair looks gorgeous! Love and miss

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