October 1, 2012 by thegreatwideopenblog

Here’s a little song…written, produced and slobbered by Davis Ray Wason.

We’ve had so many visitors over the last few days! My friend Callie came in town for a wedding this weekend and we got to catch up Friday night and a little Saturday afternoon. It was pouring out so we got some Starbucks and introduced Davis to the Family Stone. Our friends Tyler & Mere and their little nugget Sinclair were here for Tyler’s 10 year highschool reunion so we got to catch up with them! Davis and Sinclair were so cute together. She was born just 2 weeks before D (even though we’re pretty sure they were conceived on the same day…hahaha. TMI?) We had a lot of fun being exactly the same amount of pregnant together and now we’re experiencing all of the same milestones with our babes.

My friend Vanessa was also in town this weekend for bid night at ACU. She stayed with us for a couple of nights and told us all about her amazing 11 month mission trip on the World Race. We’re so happy she’s home! She also made this beautiful portrait of Davis for us as a gift!!!

Davis has been a great host for all of our visitors. He’s also been talking up a storm in a funny voice with some hilarious expressions.


3 thoughts on “visitors

  1. Mimi says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend! Love Davis’s slow motion sideways fall! And all of his cute verbalizations! And his hilarious shy finale!!! His piano lessons are starting a few years earlier than Daddy’s, huh? He’s a natural! Cute, cute!!! Love, love & miss

  2. Meredith Tracy says:

    They were totally conceived the same day 😉 those two are the cutest!!

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