diaries of a single, working mom


September 21, 2012 by thegreatwideopenblog

“the phrase ‘working mother’ is redundant” – jane sellman

9/18/12 (first day without Daddy)

D was stirring when I tried to get up to shower. So I didn’t shower. Covered his wee with a wipe when changing his diaper because I’m a smart mom and know that open air = pee everywhere. I was right. The wipe caught most of it but some leaked to his back. Cleaned him up and laid him on the bed to clean the changing pad. Heard cute little grunts coming from the bed. Swiped him back to the changing pad before the poo came. Stood there for several minutes trying to figure out how best to get him clean again. Heard spattering and realized he was peeing again…all over himself, me, the wall and the dresser. He looked really cute though.

Got the little bugger clean again and dressed for the day and finally realized that it was still raining outside. By raining, I mean pouring. Don’t you wish that you could have seen me hauling my 19 pound kid in his car seat with his diaper bag, my Medela pump, my lunch, his bottles and my purse in a pair of heels through the pouring rain? I’m sorry that I don’t have a picture of that.

Got to work, had my coffee and worked for a couple of hours before realizing my zipper was down.


D woke up several times during the night and couldn’t settle back down around 4:30 a.m. He was sleepy but couldn’t get comfortable. I tried every position, walked around with him, rocked him…it reminded me of his newborn days. He didn’t fall asleep until about 6 so I finally put him down and got ready for the day. Then I spent most of the morning looking for my keys only to find them still in the doorknob of the front door from the night before.

Got to work, had my coffee and worked for an hour before realizing my zipper was down.


Had another rough night with D but managed to avoid excrement-related disasters, found my keys where they were supposed to be, had my pants zipped up and was out the door a few minutes early. I got it all down just in time for Daddy to come home!

Aside from sleepless nights and chaotic mornings, we had a really wonderful week together. We took long walks in the evenings where I talked about my day and how much I missed Daddy while he chomped on a frozen teething ring. I also decided to make him practice sitting up despite his strong desire to stand instead…found out that he really loves it now and is pretty good at it. I got a short video of it before my phone cut me off because I’m out of space. I will work on that. Oh and sorry that the video is up and down. I will work on that too.


4 thoughts on “diaries of a single, working mom

  1. Erika Brown says:

    He is too cute. Love those chubs.

  2. Cindy Ogden says:

    “Single” mom????

  3. Mimi says:

    You poor thing! What a rough time doing it all by yourself! And wow! He’s sitting up so well!!! Thank you so much for posting pics & videos! Love, love and miss!

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