Lil somethin


September 18, 2012 by lavandaw

Well things are coming along out here in the desert.  We set up our credit union account at Desert Schools and I have an interview with a temp agency called Desert Dental Staffing this week.  They don’t want you to forget where you are it seems like.  It’s making me thirsty just thinking about it.  Hopefully our situation will work out good.. I’m trying to plan a way to get temp work when Tim is off and vise versa so we don’t have to find a babysitter for Scarlett.  Gotta keep that money comin in.  Mouths to feed.  Plus I have this real fear of someone shaking my baby or somethin else awful, if I had to find child care.  I have crazy patience with her because of the love, obviously, but I know not everyone will feel that way about her if she’s screaming. I’m sure every mother fears it.  Too many horror stories.

My interview should be pretty easy I think.  It’s temp work, they don’t get too picky.  I worked my charm the other day and stopped in for a chat with the agency with Scarlett.  She had a bow on, smiled a little and managed to keep from pooping during the visit so I think it was a success because they called me in.  We’ll see how it goes.  Will probably leave Scarlett at home and maybe dress professionally.  It’ll be a huge change since I haven’t really fixed myself up in almost a year.  That extra fifteen pounds and my shriveled stomach doesn’t offer much incentive for my clothes to fit me right.  It’s really challenging.  It blows my mind when I look at some of the pants that used to fit me…and for some reason when my mind is blown like that it makes me want to eat M&Ms and drink cherry coke.  It’s a vicious cycle.  Speaking of Jillian, no I haven’t worked out in 4 days.

I’m packing tomorrow for our trip to Sedona.  I’m so excited.  Scarlett is too.  It’s all she talks about when she’s not chewing on her hand.  She’s really pumped up the slobber the last few days.  It’s adorable and everywhere.  I’m so scared of her getting teeth.  She already likes to clamp her little gums down on me sometimes when she’s eating.  I think she does it because she loves me so much she can’t stand it.  I’ve had two dreams about her with i’m hoping that’s not what all the slobb is about.  Crossing my fingers for a late bloomer.  What?  More about Scarlett?  She’s decided she suddenly hates baths and can’t stand having her diaper changed.  I don’t really get it since we make bathtime so much fun by making rag bikinis and gangster ragdanas.













It’s ridiculous that she’s not even 3 months old and I’m already looking back at old pictures and missing her baby acne and crossed eyes.

Last but not least…She loves blankets so much so I’m posting an adorable video of how excited she gets when I put one on her.  Check it out.



3 thoughts on “Lil somethin

  1. Rachel Wason says:

    Ahhhhh what a cute head that loves blankets! She’s so big! Y’all be careful traveling and have fun with Daddy. Tell her Aunt Lachel lubs and misses.

  2. Cassie says:

    I love the rag bikini!

  3. Mimi says:

    What a cute bath fing! And yes, she is adorable in the blankie video! That’s the quilt Memaw made, isn’t it? Love, love and miss!

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