confusion and cute things


September 14, 2012 by thegreatwideopenblog

I felt a little guilty reading Lavanda’s post about working out. I had Davis 3 months before Lavanda had Scarlett and I have yet to start working on this post baby body! I’d like to say that she inspired me to better myself…but honestly, I just don’t want her to get in shape before me. Heh. We’ve laughed our way through a lot of physical activities together…extremely uncoordinated step classes, yoga, volleyball games, scary weight lifting classes with a Swedish instructor that liked yelling “SQVEEEEZE!”, treading water, and even a little running (away from heards of Longhorns, mostly). Laughing burns calories too, right?

So, anyways…I dusted off my own Jillian Michael’s dvd (30 Day Shred) this week. My body was very confused. So were my kittens. PJ watched from a safe distance with his ears pulled back and Mia thought that every move I made was a new and inventive position to pet her in. Jillian told me that the knot I was feeling in my stomach was “fear leaving the body”. I’m pretty sure that’s not what it was.

Davis has been really busy being cute. One of his favorite things to do lately is sit on his Dad’s shoulders. This game doesn’t work with me because he gets fistfuls of my hair and yanks it out…and thanks to my hormones, I don’t have much of that to spare.

As most of you know, Davis is not a big fan of being in his car seat. I can’t blame the little guy since he has to face the back of the car!! Dan straps him in while I attempt a number of tricks to keep him from crying. Lately, our best bet is for me to get close to his face and make a really loud popping noise with my gum. It amazes him every time.

I know babies are really limber, but I had my doubts that Davis would ever be able to get his feet all the way to his mouth. He just faces a lot of challenges that other babies don’t have to deal with. Things like a huge, round belly and thunder thighs. He’s also happy with getting anything in his mouth, so he’s easily distracted. A lot of times he will try to get something and at the first sign of difficulty, he surrenders and sticks a fist in his mouth instead. However, in typical Davis fashion, he has surpassed my expectations and managed to get his feet to his mouth. He even does a little toe sucking occasionally. Here is a censored video to demonstrate same:


6 thoughts on “confusion and cute things

  1. Meredith Tracy says:

    Hahahahah oh man. That video is amazing- very tasteful placement of the wash rag. Also, I need to hug his chubby body.

  2. lavandaw says:

    hahaha Love the video. Great how he lost his foot and just replaced it with his hands without even noticing. Ridiculously cute.
    So glad to hear you’ve started with Jillian too. I’ll be honest, I’ve slacked the last couple days, but now with fear of you winning, I’m gonna get back on track. Dammit. And we have had our share of bad workout experiences. good mems.
    Give that baby kisses!

  3. Cassie says:

    Hes even cuter naked.

  4. Mimi says:

    Oh! He is so limber! Give him kisses from me, please!
    And oh, boy… the rest of us know we’re in trouble if you and Lavan feel like y’all need to work out – waaagh!!!!! Guess I’ll have to break out my Pilates DVDs (more my speed 🙂

  5. Lauren Maddox says:

    You had Me cracking up with your workout stories. All I do is run cuz no one yells at me. Deep down I’m terrified of Jillian michaels.

  6. Erika Brown says:

    I hate working out to Jillian Michaels. She is scary. I’m so not looking forward to post-pregnancy workouts…

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