Day one…


September 10, 2012 by lavandaw

I dropped Tim off yesterday afternoon for a month…photo to the left was our family-dad going away pic…Scarlett looks as freaked out as I feel.  He got a job working on a feature, which is good because it’s an entire month of continuous work, but he’s gone the whole time. 😦  Some italian film..about America…we’ll see what it’s all about eventually, but it’s taking him to St. George for now then Sedona for a few days..which is awesome because it’s a pretty short drive from here.  Scarlett and I will meet him there for the 5 days he’s there and we’ll get to hang out!…and see the sights in Sedona, which I’ve heard are beautiful.
I was pretty anxious about this whole deal because we haven’t spent a night away from him since our girl was born.  I suppose I’m gonna get a taste of what the single mom goes through this next month.  Tough stuff.  We are missing him already.

In other news, we found a cute little house we’re gonna try to lease out.  it’s in the warm center of Phoenix.  It’s the perfect size and has a lot of character.  I love it.  It also has grass in the front and back yard.  I’ve grown to love the Arizona landscape this last year, but I’m still not crazy about yards made of rocks and cactus.  Move in date is hopefully beginning of October when T comes home.  We shall see.

I finally got depressed enough to do something about my post pregnancy body.  The Brattons, (Tim’s sister and brother-in-law) recommended Jillian Michael’s “Ripped in 30.”  Jillian is scary and gets pissed when you do things like use your bicep instead of your tricep, slack, or do 8 reps instead of 10.  

She knows me.  She’s really encouraging sometimes though and reminds me throughout the workout that i want to wear a bikini again.  I’ve made it through three days.  I feel so ripped.  The scale hasn’t exactly moved, but I think it’s the fat turning to muscle..heh..

Scarlett is being cute as usual.  We’ve spent a lot of time in the pool or on the porch lately. She loves it outside.

She has an adorable little bathing suit, but she hates it.  This baby loves to be nakey.  We compromise with a diaper only, most days.  

I lather baby sunscreen on her.  She’s so fair skinned, poor baby.  Gets that from my side.  She’s also starting to get some hair on top!  She’s had the old man wrap around since she was born.  She took a nap two days ago and literally woke up with like half an inch of hair.  Crazy.  I’m kinda sad about it.  I love my little bald baby head.  She’s growing too fast.

Pretty much it for now.  We miss Daddy and it’s only day one..


5 thoughts on “Day one…

  1. Hahaha Jillian is scary! Scarlett is so cute and already so much bigger. Waaaaa. Tell Tim to hurry home! Lubmit.

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh you are the cutest doing this blog! Love it! Oh the next month will fly by, but I can’t imagine B being gone for a month. You two will do great though! Call me soon. Glad you found a place you like! Talk soon friend

  3. Memaw says:

    So glad to read all the news. Your picture is so sweet of the three of you. I returned from Austin yesterday but had Rita work for me today so I could catch up on rest from trip. I had a great time at Emme’s Bday and also being wined and dined for my birthday. When I got home my friends took me out to Olive Garden. Lot of fun. Scarlet is growing so fast. She is sooooo precious and I would love to see her. I went by to see Davis tonight and they were not at home. I left Davis a note that I had come by and that he missed getting to see his Memaw. Hee Hee Love you oodles and oodles, Memaw

  4. Mimi says:

    Love the Blog! Love the grandbaby cuteness! Love you, and Love Tim! I just signed up for the email follow thingee. Can’t wait to get all the updates! Love, love

  5. […] felt a little guilty reading Lavanda’s post about working out. I had Davis 3 months before Lavanda had Scarlett and I have yet to start working […]

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